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Alain Guillo

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 "Alain Guillo was a journalist when he was taken hostage and isolated from the outside world in an Afghan prison for nine months. In his solitude "voices" came to meet him, guides of a superior nature which gradually put him on the path to a luminous education.

 Very far from the illuminated or the impostors, the message transmitted by Alain Guillo is spiritual. It underlines some essential points for our advancement, in this world and in the next.
Editions Robert Laffont.
Collection 'Life and the afterlife'
(also available in "Pocket" format)

“When the time came, this book came out, alone. Of course I typed it on a keyboard, but the text flowed, I was a source. Unable to read, unable to concentrate, teachings came out of me that I felt were mine for all eternity.
 The phenomenon that presided over this writing is a communion between the little man that I am and the Spirit that surpasses me. He did me the honor of using me.
 If this book can help my brothers the men to understand, to evolve, then the setbacks that I encountered take their true value. »

Alain Guillo

Excerpt from the introduction of the "Father", a group of highly evolved Spirits:

“A simple sound carries more than a complex melody.
 We have taken the side of simplicity. Some will find it outrageous, but we know that women and men find it difficult to understand. It is to them that we address ourselves.

 Throughout the ages, manifestations of the same order as this, the direct communication between apparently distinct universes, have been related in the form of encounters with angels, messengers, guides.

 We are not God, far from it. Yet we are "close" to God. We come from the same current as the inspiration of the Texts to which we sometimes refer.

 It is therefore an update, reliable insofar as we can identify the truth with the help of words, sentences, images. This is the major difficulty of this kind of exercise. »


  In his preface, when he quotes the "Dialogues with the angel", François Brune writes:

  "To make the connection with this very great text is not for me a small compliment."


There are in this book all the answers that a being immersed in this life is brought to ask one day or another. How and why each life is followed, accompanied, on several levels. How and why we evolve. The impact of our thoughts, actions, etc.
At each level there is a clear and honest testimony. From the author first, then from his mother snatched from life by a bomb, then from the higher entity. This Father, as he is called, describes the great principles of Life, then goes into detail.

To understand and situate these different levels of the world of the Spirit, as described in particular in this inspired work, I made this drawing .


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