Alain Joseph Bellet

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"I communicate with the deceaseds"

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"The dead are among us"

(Dialogues with the spirits world)

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Comments on the marvelous site :

 "An exceptional medium among the greatest. A moving and unforgettable encounter, accessible and very nourishing conferences on the spiritual level.
 Alain Joseph BELLET is a truly captivating medium with the clarity and depth of his explanations of the world beyond, and he is absolutely stunning when, with absolute generosity, sincerity and authenticity, he transmits the messages of departed loved ones to the families who mourn them. With a profusion of personal details and indisputable signs of recognition, it really gives proof that death does not exist, that our loved ones are present, and that each message given is a precious gift from heaven, intended to comfort us but also to instruct us to help us accomplish our earthly journey in the best conditions for our spiritual evolution."

 "Faced with the materialism at work in our earthly experiences, my guides invite us to become aware of the importance of detaching ourselves from the goods and pleasures of this world. We take with us only the good that we have been able to do for others and it is this good that will be our advocate in front of eternity.
 We must learn to know ourselves better in order to pinpoint our imperfections in order to better combat and eliminate them. To come out of ignorance, by knowing the divine laws, to acquire the virtues which allow us to evolve towards God. Forgiving, letting go, being tolerant, indulgent therefore increasing one's own capacity to love one's neighbor as oneself is a goal to be achieved. Learning to trust God, to accept our trials in acceptance and in understanding the law of cause and effect, of reincarnation, helps us to take a step forward. The law of reincarnation helps us understand earthly inequalities.
 Faith lives in my heart, I am not talking about religion, but about spirituality. Everyone chooses the religion that suits him, it is a driving force that should allow us to move forward towards good. the teaching that I receive is spiritualist, follower of the teaching of Allan Kardec who in his time codified a doctrine. This doctrine is also based on the teaching of Jesus. She gives us precise answers on the meaning of life on earth and the afterlife. This doctrine illuminates our path, enlightens our reasoning, urges us to advance on the path of perfection.

 Peace be in your hearts.
 Kind regards to all."

  Alain Joseph Bellet


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