Betty J. Eadie

In the arms
of light

Editions 'Pocket - spirituality'


Preface by Dr. Melvin MORSE (excerpt):

  « Reading this book has taught me more about the subject of near-death experiences than the ten years spent studying these phenomena and collecting testimonies from children and adults who survived clinical death. In the Arms of Light is not just the story of Betty Eadie succumbing to surgery and then coming back to life; it is above all a journey to the heart of the meaning of life. »


« Betty Eadie, during her "NDE", saw herself propelled to a very superior plane. Surrounded by angels, she was surrounded by love and received warm and benevolent consolation for the trials she was going through on Earth. But above all, throughout this "detachment", which seemed to her to be weeks and which only lasted four hours, she received messages of great significance.

 When then she has to return to Earth, to pursue a mission of which she knows nothing, she refuses with all her might. He is then presented with his mission.

We will list all the elements for you so that you can make an informed decision. But in exchange, you will have to decide. If you return to Earth, what we are about to tell you, and most of what you have seen here, will be erased from your memory."

 Betty finally accepts, but her return is excruciating:

« I found myself in my hospital room. My body was lying under the covers. I hovered and watched him. He only inspired me with disgust. It seemed frozen and heavy, and it struck me as if it were overalls that had been dragged through mud and grime. It's as if I had taken a relaxing shower and had to put on this heavy, icy and muddy garment. But it had to be done, I had promised, and quickly. My soul slipped into this envelope. The weight and the coldness repelled me. I was seized with convulsions, as if a powerful electric current passed through me. I again felt the pain and sickness of my body and fell prey to deep discouragement.

 I fell into a deep depression. The world bustling around me, I began to dread life, and even to hate it at times. I prayed to die and begged God to call me back to Him. For pity's sake, he had to set me free from this existence and this mysterious mission. Getting out of my house terrified me. I was sinking into myself, slowly perishing.

 It was ultimately love for my family that saved me. I realized the injustice I was doing them by feeling sorry for myself. I had to participate again, get involved, forget the radiant world of the soul, and move on. »


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