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Brian L. Weiss

  Brian L. Weiss was born in 1944. An eminent psychiatrist who graduated from Columbia University in New York, he headed the Department of Psychiatry at Yale Medical School and is now President Emeritus.

« My years of study had trained me to think like a scientist and a doctor, that is to say, to follow the conservative paths of my profession. So I was wary of anything that couldn't be proven by traditional scientific means. »»

 But by plunging a patient into hypnosis he discovers reincarnation.

  « As everything seemed ineffective, I tried hypnosis. During several sessions, Catherine recovered the memory of her past incarnations which explained her troubles. She also served as an interpreter for highly evolved "spiritual entities". In a few months her condition improved and she resumed a normal life.
 Nothing in my training had prepared me for this adventure. This sequence of events left me stunned. »

  « (...) Scientists are beginning to take an interest in 'past lives'. Society has much to gain from this interest in the mysteries of the mind and soul, possible survival, and the influence of our past incarnations on our present conduct. The consequences are incalculable, especially in medicine, theology, psychiatry and philosophy. However, research in this area is still in its infancy. The process is slow and arouses great mistrust, both among scientists and laypersons.

 History shows us that men have always resisted novelty and change. The examples are legion. When Galileo discovered the moons around Jupiter, the astronomers of the time refused not only to believe it but even to observe these satellites. The same is true today for psychiatrists and other therapists who refuse to analyze and evaluate existing evidence of soul survival and the memory of past existences, and who stubbornly keep their eyes closed.

 Yet parapsychological manifestations are quite common, or at least much more frequent than one might think. Few, on the other hand, are those who are willing to talk about it, and the higher their level of culture, the greater their reluctance. »

 About the messages transmitted to him by the voice of his patient:

I knew their content was genuine and of great importance, but my concerns about the reactions of my colleagues – psychiatrists and scientists – compelled me to remain silent. My reputation, my career, the idea that others had of me were still essential to me.

 (...) As I accepted the veracity of the messages, my life became simpler and richer at the same time. I no longer felt the need to impress anyone, to play a role or to wear a mask. Gradually, I overcame my reluctance to share the wisdom that had been imparted to me.

 (...) It took me four years to write this book and another four years to have the courage to publish it. The lessons learned were only given to me so that I could pass them on to others. Every word is strictly exact. I didn't add anything. »


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