Gitta Mallasz

Dialogues with the Angel


  In 1943, in Hungary, four young people – Hanna, Lili, Joseph (all three Jews) and Gitta (Catholic) – settled in a small village to live, on the fringes of the war, a life more attentive to the essential, although none of them had ever practiced their religion.

 They know nothing of the horror of the concentration camps, and even less of the death that awaits them there, when four Angels decide to descend among them; to prepare them to bear their ordeal, and above all to support those who will share it.

 One day, when they decide to take stock of their personal problems and Gitta takes refuge behind banalities, Hanna has just enough time to warn her friend:
« Be careful, it's not me who speaks anymore! » before pronouncing words which obviously cannot belong to him:

- We're going to make you lose the habit of asking useless questions.
 Attention ! Soon you will be asked for accounts!

 Then begins a mind-blowing dialogue, with Hanna as intermediary.

 “As soon as you ask me a question, Hanna once said to her friends, a small voice inside me begins to repeat to me, like a warning signal: « Don't think, don't think! » And then comes the leap into the unknown. Often I am much more surprised by the answer than my interlocutor...”

 Then the situation changes. The systematic and organized killing of Jews can no longer be ignored.

 “Fear is taking over the city, and this panic is almost impossible to bear, everyone is suffering from depression.”
Gitta writes. One of the angels reacts:

The Word lives within you.
 but the barren fig tree will be cut down.
 The bud blossoms
 be a flower, or only a leaf?

 Wear flowers, please!

 “Never have I been so shaken as after this interview. The most stern and unapproachable of our Masters humbly begged us to wear flowers! Hanna tells us, "If we let go now, we're lost." Hanna is right. How could I let myself be dominated by the outside situation? The tragedy that surrounds us is contagious, and we have allowed ourselves to be contaminated.

 “(...) The external situation has not improved, quite the contrary, but we have changed. A whole market of false papers is organized. I could have provided some to Joseph, Hanna and Lili, but they refuse to resort to lying.”

Heavenly forces are spreading,
 and waiting for you to be their hand.
 They bring this message: Do not flee!
 Below death, it is only a dream.
 Only above death will you find Life.

 I am allowed to protect you,
 but it is only possible
 if your soul is above everything.
 But I trust you: what HE sowed took.
 We will be with you.


Warning from Gitta Mallasz, the only survivor and who reported these dialogues:

  « This book is the account of a series of events that took place in Hungary between 1943 and 1944. It is neither fiction, nor journalism, nor literature. The reader must take it as it is. Or leave it.
  I am not
the author of the Dialogues.
  I am the
scribe of the Dialogues. »

  Thus the cover of his book (easily downloadable in pdf, but I advise you to buy it) is reduced to this:

Floating picture

 « The Angels do not like to speak of 'God' - this word, generations of human beings have used it, hackneyed it, soiled it. To designate Him, they use the pronoun Ö - translated in this book by LUI - which, in Hungarian, is neither masculine nor feminine, but both at the same time (it would therefore be more exact to translate HIM/SHE); thus transcending that masculinity of the Divine which weighs so heavily in our revealed religions. Ö is masculine and feminine, Father and Mother, strength and wisdom, omnipotence and tenderness. »

(Raoul-Duval, introduction to 'Dialogues with the Angel')


Below are excerpts from these Dialogues on the theme of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...