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  Edgar Cayce was a very simple man. Although of weak cultural training, he was able in a state of sleep to prescribe the medical solution of any disease (from time to time he answered questions in foreign languages ​​which he did not know in a state of wakefulness). His therapy was often original (and often unknown to doctors), and most of the time, of a gentle and natural type.

 Edgar Cayce obviously had serious trouble with the American "Council of the Order". He had several trials in a row, but at each hearing, there were so many patients cured by his care advice who all pleaded in his favor, that the judges acquitted him each time! Finally, weary of the fight, the "Council of the Order" gave up the game and he never had a single trial again, until the end of his life!

 His gifts would have come to him, at five years old, after an illness which plunged him into a coma. In this state, the child would then have told his doctor, out loud, the cause of his condition and the type of poultice that should be applied to him. Since then, in a state of "trance", Cayce will prescribe a treatment for all the patients who are brought to him ( Example below).

 He thus gave more than 14,000 "readings" for 43 years (from 1901 to 1944). Transcriptions of these readings have provided the basis for more than 300 books.

  He would have predicted the day and hour of his death, from an incurable illness which he did not want to name.

 Cayce having been all his life a member of the Disciples of Christ (Protestant church), conservative Christians have criticized his theological interpretations, in particular on reincarnation and the Akashic records or "Book of life".

 There are still today, several tens of thousands of followers of Cayce. Most of them live in the United States and Canada, but there are Edgar Cayce Centers in 25 other countries. The Association for Spiritual Research and Teaching, based in Virginia Beach, is an organization that promotes Cayce's works and preserves all of his readings.


« Edgar Cayce was able to provide, through his psychic perceptions, information in almost any field imaginable. When asked for a consultation, he plunged into a hypnotic sleep. In this state, he could answer almost any question. His answers are called "readings". Today his readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive bases of intuitive information emanating from a single person.

 For years, it was mostly medical issues that were dealt with. Some doctors even went so far as to send their incurable patients to him. Eventually, his readings expanded to such topics as reincarnation, ancient civilizations, astrology, meditation, dreams, and prophecies, reluctantly! Cayce was very religious and had a vow to read the Bible once a year. Imagine his dismay and horror when he was told he was talking about reincarnation. »
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An example of reading, in the spring of 1902:

 A five-year-old girl named Aimée Dietrich suddenly stopped developing, then gradually stopped talking, following a very bad flu. Several general practitioners and several specialists declared that his brain was damaged beyond repair.

 She had a little later convulsions, and more and more violent. The doctors called back to his bedside then gave the parents no hope of recovery, even implying a gloomy prognosis in the short term...

 Edgar Cayce was therefore contacted as a last resort... The child's father asked Cayce to examine him. Cayce, who was in his early days of health consultations at that time, moreover free, replied immediately that it was out of the question, because he said to him:

« I don't know anything about medicine! »

 But pressed by the father, he wanted to try to give a simple "diagnosis" in hypnotic sleep. He fell asleep within minutes, then gave the following amazing "reading":

« It's the backbone that is affected. A few days before his illness, the body slipped on the porch of the house. The shock caused a weakness in the spinal cord where the flu microbes proliferated and caused the "mental state and recent crises. This, in our opinion, is how the body can be healed... »  etc

 The father, amazed, exclaimed:

« No one could have been aware of this fall on the porch. We had completely forgotten about it ourselves! »

 Only five days after this interview and after the little one had received the first aid advised by Cayce, the girl's father, Mr. Dietrich, called him on the telephone:

« God bless you Mr Cayce; yesterday our little girl recognized us and picked up her favorite doll and even called it by its name! »


Another sample reading, later, in March 1938:

 Excerpt from Joseph Millard's book, The Man of Mystery, Edgar Cayce published by "L'aventure mysterious":

 Before reaching the car, the young girl had to stop, leaning heavily on her mother, before she had the strength to take the last steps. She was clinging on, shaking, her whole body shaking from the effort she was making to suck air into her sick lungs. She would have cried, but the tears themselves exhausted her.

 "Are you sure you can walk to the car?" her mother asked anxiously. I can call someone to carry you.

 - No no. If this is the last time I can walk, I want to walk, all the way. Do you remember, how I loved to walk… for miles… And now I'm taking my last walk to see a kind of swami, a sorcerer…

 She summoned up her last strength and walked to the car, thinking bitterly about the absurdity of this visit. Who was this Edgar Cayce who claimed to be a psychic diagnostician and whose ramblings were supposed to work miracles? The greatest specialists had been unable to do anything for her. Their treatments and operations had only slightly retarded the progress of his tuberculosis.

 “Please try to have a little faith. When I made an appointment for your reading, they told me that it was essential to believe, to want to be helped.

 - Of faith ! Will faith close a two centimeter hole in my lung? Will faith put my heart back in place, and my left lung, when all the air I've been pumped in has pushed them aside? Don't be naive, mom!

 "Anyway," the girl sighed, "don't let him burn a pile of incense around me." I already have so much trouble breathing clean air…

 "He doesn't use incense, come on! He just lays down on a couch and hypnotizes himself.

 - My God ! I will have heard everything! And do you want to tell me where this sleepwalker studied medicine?

 “When he's awake, conscious, he doesn't know anything about medicine, he doesn't know much, apart from the Bible. He doesn't even understand what he said in his sleep.

 - (...)

 To greet her, Edgar Cayce rose from behind an old desk cluttered with papers, pushing away a typewriter. The young girl looked at this man-miracle, the one she had called a charlatan, a crook living off public credulity.

 He was tall and thin, but he looked nothing like any fakir. He took her hand smiling.

- I prayed that I could heal you, mademoiselle, because it is obvious that your misfortune is great. I can't promise anything, of course. It's beyond my control.

 - It's... so different from what I thought, she mumbled. I don't understand.

- Me neither. I just know that I have a strange gift. I fall asleep, and the words come out of my mouth, words that I don't hear and then don't understand when I read them again. All I know is that since it first happened in 1910, thirty-seven years ago this month, thousands of people have been healed and not one injured by my power. Today, before going to sleep, I am going to make a special prayer, so that what will come out of my mouth will heal you.

 - What do I have to do ? the girl asked nervously.

 "Nothing, my dear child," said Gertrude Cayce, smiling. Sit down and listen. It wouldn't hurt if you used this time of meditation to reflect on your need for healing and what you can do to help others once healed. Very often, the reading begins with these words: “It would be wrong to heal the body without healing the soul.”


Contributions by Edgar Cayce on the subject of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, afterlife, contacts, suicide 

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