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The Explorer of the Beyond

Original title :

A Wandever in the Spirit Lands

by Francezzo Farnèze

(formerly Duke of Parma)

transcribed & written by A. Farnèze

(used as medium)

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 “This book begins where normal biographies end: standing beside his coffin, Francezzo, a wealthy aristocrat, discovers that he is dead. Unfamiliar with spiritual matters, he denies his state, then, annoyed, begins to explore his environment. This testimony is unique on the functioning of the various stages of the afterlife, "The Explorer of the Beyond" is the largest text available to date because it carries the reader in a real whirlwind with breathtaking descriptions.”

(Editions 'The Garden of Books')
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Preface by Pierre Jovanovic (excerpt):

  « If there are a few French texts of "A Wandever in the Spirit Lands", no publisher to date has succeeded in giving this extraordinary literary work the place it deserves and this for a simple reason: the translation (in french) requires too much work to find the rhythm of the original book in English from 1894 and give it the contemporary tone.

 Also, Anne-Marie Bruyant and myself, we got down to this task.

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