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Jean Jacques Charbonier

In 30 years of resuscitation, Dr. Jean-Jacques Charbonier has collected several hundred testimonies from patients who have returned from clinical death. In his book "The 7 good reasons to believe in the afterlife", citing other specialists, he sets out to dismantle the "scientific" arguments tending to discredit near-death experiences (NDE, which he calls d elsewhere "provisional death experiences" since clinical death is proven).
 He cites the case of people being able to describe an operation taking place in a neighboring block, the cases of people born blind having given visual information relating to their resuscitation, and also the indisputable case of Pamela Reynolds, which was the subject of a publication in the very serious journal "The Lancet". In his article, cardiologist Pim van Lommel proves that consciousness, and therefore life, is still possible after proven brain death (since in this case the brain was completely "unplugged").

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