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John Staune

Does our existence
have a meaning?

A scientific and philosophical inquiry


« There are still profound questions to be answered in science. Many have important implications for the meaning of life. Jean Staune has a deep knowledge of them and the way he analyzes them is fascinating. »

  Charles Townes, Nobel Prize in Physics

 Jean Staune takes us on a journey through the infinitely small and the infinitely large, the life sciences and the sciences of consciousness. A fascinating journey that brings us to an incredible conclusion: the classic vision we have of the world today is as inaccurate as that of the Middle Ages could be. According to many scientists, these discoveries allow a “re-enchantment of the world”, with very great societal implications.

 This book is the result of twenty years of research and meetings with personalities representing all the major scientific fields.

 Jean Staune is a graduate in paleontology, mathematics, computer science, management, political science and economics. Teacher at HEC, founder of the interdisciplinary University of Paris, he edited the work Science and the quest for meaning which brings together 15 co-authors including 4 Nobel Prize winners.

   (Editions 'Presses de la Renaissance')


Contributions by Jean Staune on the theme of:

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...