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Lorna Byrne

My life with angels


At the end of 2014, a press article was dedicated to him:

- Why did you wait fifty years to share your story?

  « I was considered retarded for a long time because I was more interested in what was happening around me than in people. Surprising the thoughts of uncles, aunts or neighbors about me, I even began to fear being interned! »

- You experienced extreme poverty, the illness and then the death of your husband, the difficulty of raising 4 children alone. Have you ever doubted angels?

  « Everything we go through models us. I had to live this part of my humanity. In the most desperate moments, the angels comforted me and encouraged me. Sometimes, when everything is going wrong, no matter how much we pray and ask for help, it seems that nothing is changing. It is only with hindsight that we realize that we have been supported. We must also learn not to confuse our desires and our needs. »

- What are the conditions for being helped by an angel?

  « There are not any. We all have a guardian angel; I see one behind each person, in the form of a column of light. A guardian angel does not judge, he does everything in his power to guide us and make our lives easier, without encroaching on our free will. Neither God nor the angels can act for us; we have to go, try. They are there to bring us the strength to move forward. Simply ask them for help, then try to pay attention to the signs. Today, we no longer know how to look or listen. Follow the funny little voice that tells you to smile at a stranger, to leave your seat on the bus. These seemingly insignificant gestures have the power to restore hope and make life better. The guardian angels invite us to awaken the gentleness, love and compassion that are within us. By addressing them daily, we gradually feel the joy rising, we begin to feel better. More intuitive, more benevolent, we perceive more the energy that surrounds all living beings, as well as the beauty of life. »

- Have you asked the angels why you can see them?

  « Often ! I am an ordinary woman. If I had graduated from a big university, I would have been more listened to. So why me? " Why not you ? I was told. I am dyslexic, I struggle to read and write. When the angels told me that one day I would write a book about them, I laughed in their face: it was insane! They argued that in due time, I would receive help. Years later, after my husband died, when they let me know the time was right, that help materialized. I would never have made it without the people God put in my path. Looking back, I think that one of the reasons why I was allowed to see the angels was probably to bear witness to them, in order to help understand what our lives would be like if we could all see them and talk. »


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