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Maguy Lebrun

Doctors of Heaven,
Doctors of Earth


  “Maguy and Daniel Lebrun are two unusual beings. Maguy is a magnetizer and a "healer of souls" (which often also allows bodies to be healed) with the help of these "doctors from heaven" who "work" with her, talk to her, send her messages through of Daniel, her husband, an exceptional medium. About forty doctors wanted to give their signed testimony here.”
 (Editions Robert Laffont)


Warning from Joëlle de Gravelaine (excerpt):

  “Confronted with the implausible, each of us has the first instinct to doubt, to shrug our shoulders, even to denigrate.
  Maguy and Daniel Lebrun, for more than twenty-five years, have been living with the most perfect naturalness: an easy and simple relationship with the beyond, "informal discussions" with dead beings and buried for years. All I know and have been able to touch with my finger is that they have done more good than all those who claim to be good Christians, and that they have been able to convince a large number of doctors in the region (Grenoble-France ) to work with them. The latter were able to observe unexplained and inexplicable healings.”

 « I am not a priestess, I am not a guru, nor even a nun. I'm a tiny little human being trying to be a channel, that's all. »
 Maguy Lebrun


Contributions by Maguy Lebrun on the theme of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...