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Michele Decker

life on the other side

Editions "J'ai lu"


Preface by Didier Van Cauwelaert (excerpt):

  “Michèle Decker is a gendarme's wife, she raises her three children and cultivates her vegetable garden in a remote village; he is an all-in-one person, self-taught, down to earth and hands-on. In April 1984 the afterlife erupted in its daily grind. "The other side", rather, as she calls it with a mixture of caution and modesty. And then begins a double, a triple life. The mediumistic consultations, the “cleanings” of haunted houses, the radio guidance of wandering souls, the requests for healing when medicine admits its impotence, all on a voluntary basis.

  I try to be objective, torn between my instinctive distrust of sighted people and my sympathy for Michèle's honesty, torn between the living and the dead, the pressure of her family; between his instinctive generosity and the temptation to throw everything away.”


Preamble by Michèle Decker (excerpt):

  « I don't know why I was 'chosen' for this destiny, what I am firmly convinced of is that I have received a kind of mission to accomplish, to which I dedicate myself with all the strength of my soul, to the best of my abilities. »


Contributions by Michèle Decker on the theme of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...