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Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God


  "Neale Donald Walsch is approaching his fifties and takes stock of his life: he has just lost his job, his four marriages have ended in failure and his health is failing. Taken with anger, he writes a letter full of doubts to God. And then the miracle happens."

  Editions "J'ai lu"

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« On Easter Sunday 1992, a year ago today, God entered into a dialogue with me. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's what happened. »

Neale Walsch explains how his exchange came about:

« The process by which this information 'arrived' was exquisitely simple. On a blank sheet of paper, I simply wrote a question; any question... usually the first one that comes to mind. No sooner had I finished than the answer formed in my head, as if Someone was whispering it in my ear. I was taking a dictation! »

Faced with its title, which sounds like an ultimate bluff, a coarse bait likely to attract the reader, my first instinct was to reject this book.
However, after reading, several elements prompted me to take it into account:

 1/ Donald Walsch, from the outset, asks the question himself:

  - How can I know if this communication comes from God? or from my own imagination?

  - What would be the difference? It's easier for me to work through your imagination.

 2/ great wisdom emanates from many messages

 3/ moreover, they confirm those of other sources, while sometimes going further. This is particularly the case for messages that address suffering, or love, or when it comes to distrusting what we are told – and in particular in the name of God (!):

« Don't believe anything I say. Live it, experience it, then examine your experience to find your truth. »

I wanted to see in this warning a sign of honesty.

 4/ finally, the 3 volumes are not only sold in paperback but available in pdf on the Internet.
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  In these messages, the notion of experience (desired by the soul), rejects any idea of ​​trial, suffering, or punishment. This is confirmed by other sources.

  A long chapter is devoted to our personal relationships in order to draw our attention to their capital importance. Observations on the couple also shed some very interesting light.

  For all these reasons, I could not bring myself to deny these messages; I preferred to let everyone decide whether to learn from them or reject them.

Volume 1 begins with this exchange:

  - Am I crazy?

 - […] there have been other scriptures, recorded by otherwise ordinary men, none of whom was crazier than you.

  - Does this mean that these writings could become “sacred texts”???

- In any case not before several centuries, or not before your language becomes obsolete (remember that angels love humor). The problem, you see, is that this language is too familiar, too spoken, too contemporary. If God were to speak, for sure, He wouldn't speak like the guy next door! People have the impression that God only shows himself in a form. And anything that deviates from it is blasphemy.

 I saw your soul searching, I know how much you desired the Truth. Endlessly you implored me: show me, explain to me.

 I do it here in terms so clear that you cannot misunderstand them. In a language so simple that you won't be able to get lost in it, in a vocabulary so ordinary that you won't be able to get lost in verbiage.

 I am performing a miracle right now because I am speaking not only to you, but to each and every person who has picked up this book and is reading these words.

 It is to each of them that I now speak. I know who each of them is. I know, now, who will find their way to these words and I know that some will be able to hear, and some will be able to only listen, but will not hear anything. »
 But the words are sometimes so raw that Donald Walsch finds it hard to believe that it is God himself who is speaking to him. Some sentences make him react:

[…] You are My body, but I am another's body.

  - You mean you're not God?

- Yes, I am God, as you now understand Him.

[…] you are My children... even though I am another's child.

  - You mean I'm not talking to God?

 - I am telling you that your perception of the ultimate reality is more limited than you believe, and that the Truth is more unlimited than you imagine.

  We feel Donald Walsch confused and disappointed.

 […] I tell you this: you are already a God. You just don't know it.

  ... Which completes the confusion of Donald Walsch. However, the greatest texts confirm it: the true being that lies dormant in us (the "inner Self") is linked to God
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Recover" :

Our double

 our inner being

The Texts agree on an essential point: very far behind our ego, in the depths of us, slumbers our eternal being; the one who came to incarnate on Earth, the time of a lifetime; who sometimes gives us advice. This marvelous part of ourselves binds us to other men, and to God; just as in the soil, all the roots of all plants join in mother earth.

 “(...) This divine being, this sublime friend, is in each of us. for God resides within every man, but few know how to find him. But here is the way to salvation. Once you have seen the perfect being who is above the world and within yourself, you will abandon the enemy who takes the form of desire.
 The pleasures that the senses provide are the matrices of the pains to come. »

 “ Train your mind to become aware of the divinity that inhabits it , and above all, do not diminish yourself , but rather, do not miss an opportunity to glorify this divinity present within you. For your body is the Temple of the living God. Take care of it, and you'll better appreciate it. And so, you will realize that he is the place where you join his presence.  »
[a reading by Edgar Cayce]



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  Regarding the "miracle" of this contact, the journalist Alain Guillo who also benefited from the same type of communication, received these explanations:

« During the ages, manifestations of the same order as this, the direct communication between apparently distinct universes, have been related in the form of encounters with angels, messengers, guides. » (Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, Jesus...)

 But if it were not God, then who could manifest Himself thus to Neale Walsch?

 « It's a question of terminology, specifies the entity that manifests itself to Alain Guillo in the depths of his prison.We love the expression used by Jesus: The Father.

 The Father is a spiritual "entity", more or less advanced, more or less complex. We are not God, far from it. We are multiple, like the members of a collective of researchers. We let go of what separated us to focus on what brings us together, to speak with one voice.

 Beyond discord and dissension is the Spirit of men who have understood. We are disembodied beings, former women, former men, once made of flesh. Coming from the human species, we are still part of it.

 These men, having reached the summit, cannot forget those who drag themselves on the road. They are closer to each of you than you might imagine. Yet they only speak if you are willing to listen. »

As if to confirm this precision, Donald Walsch heard this sentence one day:

 « Keep growing, My son. Keep on going ! It is God's work that we are doing, you and Me. »


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