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Celestial Interviews

Fernand LANORE (Paris)

Celestial Messages from Paqui


Preface by Jean Pieur:

  “During the summer of 1926, Mr. and Mrs. Godefroy, walking through the cemetery of Arcachon, were attracted by a brand new chapel. A profusion of white flowers framed a portrait of a young girl. The walls bore unusual inscriptions:

  I am the Resurrection and the Life.
  Do not look among the dead for the living!

  I say that the tomb which closes on the dead
  Opens the firmament.
  And what here below we take for the term
  Is the beginning.

  To die is to leave the shadows to enter the light.
  To die is to be born to life.

  The dead are not the absent, but the invisible.

 Yvonne Godefroy felt infinite compassion for Mrs. Lamarque, the mother of this young girl, and could not help going to meet her. But her despair had given way to appeasement since a friend sent her messages from her daughter. The first ones said this:

 « If you only knew how wonderful it is here!... No, no, you mustn't cry, dear mother. Ah, if you could see me! Me, I see you, I caress you, I'm still your Paqui. Only your human senses do not allow you to see my spiritual body. »

 On January 1, 1928 Yvonne Godefroy, who had never been preoccupied with spiritualism, felt the urgency to write what an inner voice dictated to her. Unwittingly, she had taken over from the first writer, who then received nothing. Thus, Mrs. Lamarque, remained in communication with her daughter until her death.

- The good that these messages have done me, declared Mrs. Lamarque, the taste for living that they have given me back, the absolute certainty of an eternal life that they have given me through the knowledge of the truth, are too precious treasures for me to resign myself to keeping them for myself ".
 Just as Gitta Mallasz by publishing her "Dialogues with the Angel", Mme Monnier for the "Lettres de Pierre" and the parents of Arnaud Gourvennec for the 4 volumes of "Vers le soleil de Dieu", Paqui's mother wanted only her daughter's name to appear on this book because she does not consider herself the author.


Contributions by Paqui on the subject of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...