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Pierre Monnier

Peter's Letters

Celestial Messages from Pierre Monnier

 Mentioned in the Order of the Army on January 6, 1915 in the following terms:

"Seriously wounded, Lieutenant Pierre Monnier only handed over command of his section, which was pursuing the enemy with bayonets, until he was exhausted from blood loss. Barely recovered, joined the front at his request, and s is distinguished again in a raid on a German position."

Preface by Jean Pieur:

  « The Pierre LETTERS do not come from the earth; they were dictated to a mother by her son, who died on the field of honor on January 8, 1915, at the age of 23. These messages were received (for 41 years) not by "automatic writing" but in the form of a conscious inspiration
☆ Ms Monnier:

 « I sort of heard by intuition. It was like a thought that emanated from outside to well up in my heart. This phenomenon, although comparable to that of my thought, was however very different and I felt with absolute certainty that these thoughts were not mine. »

 - Do not think of anything, take a pencil, write.

 - What should I write?

 - I will talk to you, you will write.

. Revealing themselves only in three or four words at a time, and on unknown subjects, they only became comprehensible to the writer after reading the whole letter. ☆ Only once, shortly after his "death", did she have the physical perception of her son's voice. She then asked, upset:

  - Is that you, Peter?

  - Yes, Mom! Don't be afraid, I'm alive!

« If it had happened to another, I would have felt, I admit, nothing but distrust. At the beginning of these messages, I prayed, fervently prayed to God not to let me deceive souls [ of others ] by the fact that I was deceiving myself. The memory of my beloved child is too sacred to me for me to risk misleading those who want to, like me, seek and ask God to help them. »

 « I sense your hesitation regarding our talks. You wonder if you are doing well to talk about it: yes! Yes ! dear mother, it is from God. »

  The cover, for each of the seven volumes, is reduced to this:

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  In the same spirit as Gitta Mallasz when she published the "Dialogues with the Angel", Ms. Monnier did not want her name to appear because she only considers herself the scribe of the precious texts that she transmits.


Contributions by Pierre Monnier on the theme of:

 Life, everyday life, suffering, despair 

 The way, the awakening, the meditation, the purpose of life 

 Love, relationship, children 

 Death, the afterlife, contacts, suicide...