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Roland de Jouvenel

In tune with Heaven
[ Volume 1 ]
When the springs sing
[ Volume 2 ]
On the threshold of the Kingdom
[ Volume 3 ]
In absolute fidelity
[ Volume 4 ]
Like a secret, like a flame
[ Volume 5 ]
The second life
[ Volume 6 ]

Fernand LANORE (Paris) (*)

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Celestial Messages by Roland de Jouvenel


Roland died at age 14. One night, a mysterious envoy visited his mother in a dream:

 « Roland was a star that God made fall from heaven into your hands to save you and also save many souls. How did you treat this young messenger? Without any hesitation, your only concern was to level it. How much impatience did you have against the great goodness of this pure and so ill-adapted spirit which always saw higher? Not for a moment did you understand or recognize in him that he was “predestined”. »

Preface by Jean Pieur:

  « Au diapason du Ciel (the first of the 6 volumes dictated by Roland) inaugurates the story of two souls: that of Marcelle de Jouvenel and that of her son Roland, in the other life.

  In 1946, this young boy, who was going to be 15 years old, was carried away by a mysterious and implacable disease. His mother found herself precipitated into anguish, revolt, despair, the desire for suicide. This desire, she was about to put it into execution, she had decided to let herself fall from the top of her balcony; she was bending down, determined to tip over into the void, to engulf herself in what she believed to be nothingness… when an energetic and invisible hand rested on her shoulder and held her back. Very impressed, she returned to her apartment and sat down in front of her son's picture. In the days that followed, other demonstrations came to persuade her that Roland was not lying in the night of the coffin but very present with her.

 This little boy was sensitive, imaginative, loving all that is beautiful in creation. His tenderness extended to animals and plants. He had foreseen his death long before the first symptoms of his strange disease. His mother will live another 25 years. She has a mission to carry out; it is a question of mobilizing goodwill, organizing conferences, reading other messengers and above all, publishing books.

 The more time passes, the more the communications take depth and altitude. This upward movement culminates in On the Threshold of the Kingdom. »

From heaven he said to his mother:

  « Our communications are neither occult nor clairvoyant. I don't want to predict anything to you, but only to accomplish my task on earth through you.
 Our celestial union will be a thousand times more beneficial to the world than could be what you and I represented among men.

 You must work hard to reveal truths that I will dictate to you.

Imagine a moment the tremendous courage it takes for a soul to turn away from the infinite sweetness of celestial peace for go down to the dark and stifling earthly atmosphere in order to guide us. Thanks Roland.

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