Letter (read) to a teenager

 I'm going to speak to your mind, not your ego. Your ego is the visible part of yourself, the personality which comes between your soul and the earthly world, which protects it in some way. Thanks to him, she can come to earth to forge herself there, to put to the ordeal what she thinks she is.

 So I speak to your spirit. Your ego is there, listening too; ironically, because for him, this other you is negligible. The master is him. With his muscles, his intelligence, his will, his confidence; that he sees asserting itself a little more each day.

 However, he is mistaken and leads you into his error: it is your spirit that must rule your ego, and not the other way around. You will realize it when you die. It will happen. But I wanted you to realize it before, to avoid bitter remorse and so that your life be fully used.

 I speak to your spirit. He listens to me shyly. Your ego gets angry. Since he can't stop you from listening, he wants to interrupt the interview. Hold it back a little longer.
 Recently he upset Mom.

  –  What?!  When ?

 Yesterday. Remember how you answered him. You didn't even realize it. Inevitably, you let him react for you. To react! listen to this word. You must never react, you must act. Each of your actions must be thought out, that is to say controlled by you.

 May you henceforth order your life according to these few words.


My son's reactions:

He started out laughing, then made me reread the first paragraph twice.

 – But dad, people don't think like that! he finally says. They are convinced that they only have one life, and that you have to enjoy it!

 - It's the ego that says that, and it's right! he will stay there.

 - It's normal that we take care of ourselves, build muscles and everything; you were doing the same!

 - The soul needs to be protected, at the beginning. Because she is not of this world. She's like a baby chick, she needs her shell, and time to get strong. But she must hatch! and if the shell thickens too much, it's the trap, the soul withdraws into itself.