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Dr Yann Tiberghien

" They were all condemned "

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Here is a summary of an interview in September 2023 given on BEUR-FM :

 « When I was very young, I wanted to be a healer, because I was attracted by so-called alternative medicines; but I decided to become a doctor because only a doctor can practice unconventional medicine, as long as you are reasonable in their application. Otherwise, you run the risk of being attacked. The recognition gained from patients quickly turns you into a target for medical authorities who immediately consider you a “charlatan”.
 Refusing to fight against windmills, I therefore made the decision to become a doctor.
 Some of my teachers, faced with my questions about phenomena unexplained by science, were content to remind me of my duty as a student, by applying to the letter what science considered to be the truth. However, the absence of courses on the influence of mood, stress and the psychological state of patients on the functioning of the body left me perplexed. We were taught to listen to the symptoms but not the person behind the illness. My instinct always told me to ask about their general condition as a priority. I thought of Hippocrates, father of medicine, and the oath we took at the end of our studies, which recommended “being the doctor of the soul as well as the body”.
 Finally I focused my thesis on the cures of patients suffering from terminal cancer. Patients who were condemned and who, however, had defied all odds by curing definitively. »


 « My investigation, over 2 years - and 250,000 km by car across Europe, focused on hundreds of cancers that were inexplicably cured.
 However, I only wanted to retain 11 cases. Cases which could not from any angle give rise to controversy :
 ▪ Notreatment or examination was neglected.
 ▪ They were no longer being processed. Their oncologist, no longer having a therapeutic solution to offer, redirected them to their general practitioner for palliative care.
 ▪ All were still alive 10 years later, and even now.

All these patients☆  « For “modern” medicine, all sick people are “patients”. In other words, “be patient, we doctors are going to be on top of you, “controlling” you. And if a patient suggests the use of alternative medicine, the doctor reprimands him by saying: “Listen , you do what I tell you. So stay patient and don't do anything."  (or threaten to absolve them of their responsibility)
 Today we no longer encourage people to be actors, responsible for their lives, to take charge of it so as to be able to change the situation that led to them falling ill. »
,cured of cancer☆  « There are more and more people suffering from cancer. The problem is that we no longer really look for the cause (nutrition, tobacco, such medications, etc. have only been recognized as aggravating factors), because we try to stop it, basically 3 major means: poison (chemotherapy), fire (radiotherapy) and the knife (surgery). » terminally ill, decided not to consider themselves victims. All even said: "Today, if I am alive, it is thanks to cancer. It is cancer that saved my life!" i>
 As this was incomprehensible to me, they clarified that they had the feeling of having been stopped in their tracks.
 For them, this cancer was an opportunity in the sense that it allowed them to change their lives. Afterwards they understood that they were heading into a dead end, that they were not going to do anything with their lives. They had the foresight to understand that they had to stop and turn around to take a different path.

 It was only when they accepted death that they were finally able to understand that they had gone astray, that they had a mission in their life but that the various events and incentives of existence had led them astray of this mission.”

 This quest for meaning (Dr Tiberghien also speaks of a change in emotional resonance) recalls the radical change in lifestyle made on the survivors of NDE. Because after understanding why they were sick, all the “miracled” people changed their way of life (getting closer to people, putting themselves at the service of other sick people...).

 « One of the cases studied is particularly edifying. This is a person who was imprisoned and tortured for 23 years in Chile. Upon her release she came to Paris... where she was diagnosed with leukemia. With only a few months to live, she returned to Chile. Not to take revenge on his jailers, but... to forgive them! Soon after, his cancer was cured.

 Another felt a revelation - even though he was absolutely not a believer. He suddenly understood, in an intimate way, why he was sick (he never wanted to share what he experienced during those few seconds).

 So, cancer is not a punishment but a “message”. But it is certain that it is a long journey to move from one approach to the other.

 - But how can we, by changing our state of mind, heal our physical body?

 « Note that science does not recognize any system that links the mind and body. When she talks about psychosomatic illnesses, she implies “invented” illnesses.
 In fact, we have several bodies nested on each other. Energy bodies that do not differ by their size - like Russian dolls - but by their vibrational frequency.
 Let's compare it to ice. It is like the physical body, completely dense and compact. With the cold, it slowed down its vibration and solidified, it became matter. But if you warm it up a little, that is to say if you increase its speed of vibration, its vibrational frequency, it will become more tenuous, space out its molecules. It will become liquid. But it remains something physical. We can see it, touch it; it is solid, incompressible. But if we continue to heat it, the water becomes vapor, it becomes a gas. So here on the other hand, you know very well that your water is in the air, but you no longer see it. For you it no longer exists, yet it is still there.

 Similarly, the more we descend in vibration, the more our body is material, slowed down, integrated into matter.

 But if you change your emotional state, your state of mind, you will reach very tenuous bodies, very high in the vibration... and you can act very positively on these bodies.
 The healing would then reverberate from body to body, in a cascade, up to the physical body. »

 The master here below is the brain. It is he who makes us sad or happy, sick or healthy.
 It will accept an event or reject it depending on the level from which it perceives it. If he is focused on matter, he will only consider gain, loss or pain. On the other hand, if he perceives it from a purified plane, he will be ready to accept the suffering.

 But how to “elevate” your spirit?
 Meditation will not help you, nor will any complicated method. No need to go to a distant country to hope to meet this or that guru there.
 Dr Tiberghien answers this question at the end of his interview:

 « We must change our apprehension of “reality”. »

We must regain our height, no longer let ourselves be carried away by the ambient frenzy of “profiting” and “succeeding”. In a word, no longer consider our life as the most important thing there is.

 « All these people did not change to get better, but because they realized that they were on the wrong track. »

 But, you might say, thousands of people have died from cancer, and many of them were certainly just asking to change their approach to life. And yet they died...
 Remember that death is not a punishment; that it is often an opportunity for loved ones to move forward, to change their vision of life, to question their headlong rush.

 « But, concludes Dr. Tiberghien, why wait until we have this illness - or another, or an accident, to reconsider our life? To try to understand why we are on this earth, why we were incarnated. What are we doing there? Are we here just to eat, sleep, work?
 If we haven't used these thousands of experiences of existence to try to make things evolve, to grow ourselves, well... it's because we've failed our life . »