Treat bronchitis

  You cough a little or a lot and it hurts your chest; you are tired and sore. You certainly have the onset of bronchitis. Above all, don't wait! Take garlic . It's either that or the antibiotics. And if you fear for your breath, chew parsley (which is also a significant source of vitamin C).


 => Method: see HERE

As you can see from your breath, garlic passes through the bronchial tubes. It is an unparalleled antibiotic for the bronchi, especially associated with honey .

→ For a child there is a gentle method: garlic syrup

Garlic syrup

(very well accepted by children, even the smallest)

- peel 2-4 large cloves of garlic
- grate them in a saucepan
- boil then leave to infuse for 2 hours
- reheat a little more over low heat then pour into a bowl through a mesh colander. Squeeze well to extract the juice. Add honey.
- give as much as you want several times a day

In addition :

→ What is said about the flu applies here (except the sitz bath, don't worry):

→ Rest is essential. No way to go to work.

→ Don't smoke !

→ If you go out and it's cold, breathe only through your nose, through a scarf.

→ Gargle apple cider vinegar (☞  see HERE )

“In case of bronchitis or chest cold, rub the torso with castor oil and/or turpentine. If it is a slight cooling, a single application at bedtime will suffice, but if the lungs are very busy, it can be repeated up to three times a day. » [ Dr. Jarvis ]

→ Drink water. LOTS, or better, regularly take herbal tea (rosemary + thyme + sage) with honey and lemon. Pack a large bowl for the day..

→ Do not try to eat if you are not hungry. You would unnecessarily tire your body (digestion, assimilation, elimination)

→ Only lower the fever if it becomes essential (☞  see HERE ). The fever that mobilizes the whole body is your ally against infection. The painkillers will make you feel better, and then you'll do something reckless.

→ Eat oranges, take vitamin C (several capsules per day).

Aspirin is a mild anti-inflammatory, it will help you sleep and soothe the headache.

→ 1-2 drops of eucalyptus Radiata “Eucalyptus radiata is anti-inflammatory, antitussive, decongestant and bronchodilator. It is especially at the time of infection that it is very useful. »
Dr Dominique Rueff
in a few drops of vegetable oil in massage on the chest, 3 times a day until improvement
+ In inhalation: 1 deep inspiration directly above the open bottle, 4 to 6 times per day.

→ To fight against both fatigue and infection, breathe camphor or ravintsara

essential oil After 3-4 days of this treatment:

Normally the infection itself is overcome, and any risk of aggravation or recurrence is over.
But because toxins and waste remain in the bronchial tubes and they are still raw, you still cough and your bronchial tubes still hurt.

- So, you will tell me, how do I know if I am on the way to recovery?

At these signs: you feel better, the fever disappears. You cough, but it hurts less and you start coughing up green sputum. Do not take cough syrup, suck on honey and/or pine sap candies.
To protect your stomach from mucus, spit it often and regularly take half a teaspoon of clay in a small glass of water.
You are still tired , it is also normal because it is the lungs that oxygenate the muscles. In addition, your body encourages you to rest in order to reserve its forces to fight against infection.

To regulate the residual inflammation of the bronchi (in addition, coughing irritates the bronchi), take an anti-inflammatory for 2-3 days .

Even if you are better, take at least once a day the garlic mixture or a grated clove on your plate, this will speed up healing because the garlic, passing through the blood, destroys all the germs.


If you don't feel a lot better after 48 hours, then don't delay, go see a doctor. On the other hand, in view of the improvement, do not relax the caution and continue the treatment.