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I have placed here the few simple means that have allowed us, my wife, our five children and me, to protect ourselves, relieve ourselves, treat ourselves by avoiding, if possible, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, antibiotics...

“Know that all healing forces are inside of you, not outside! »
[Edgar Cayce reading 1196-7]

 A word on alternative medicine:

 You have to keep in mind that most of the time the body knows how to heal itself☆  « No medical treatment whatsoever, by drugs or even by surgery, is curative by itself. All healing comes from the same source: to bring to consciousness those forces which reside within the body, and which are the reflection of the creative Force of God. »

A reading of Edgar Cayce
.What is needed is to help him, and first of all not to thwart his reactions inconsiderately (fever, cough, fatigue, lack of appetite, etc.)

Benefits of natural medicine:

 * The body does not undergo the undesirable effects of drugs that are believed to be unavoidable.

 * We recover faster.

 * We let the body make antibodies. They will protect us during a new infection.

 Its disadvantage

Treatment should be started at the first symptoms. Also :

 → Listen to your body. Immediately apply the appropriate solution to the problem observed.

 → Always have on hand at home the minimum to deal with most of the worries of everyday life. ☆

→ green clay (gastro, poisoning...)
→ baking soda (against acidity)
→ garlic (bronchitis, fatigue - infectious or not)
→ a lemon (angina)
→ honey (soothing , disinfectant)
→ an anti-inflammatory (bronchitis, osteoarthritis...)
→ a hot water bottle (stomach aches, earaches)
→ essential oil of eucalyptus Radiata (colds, flu)
→ essential oil of wintergreen (arthritis, torticollis...)
→ cider vinegar with whole apples (pharyngitis...)

Notes on Healing

 ⚠ You should see an improvement after 24 or 36 hours. Also if after 3 days the problem was not well on the way to healing, there is something else and you have to go see a doctor. Anyway, 3 days is the minimum time, recommended by the doctors themselves, to establish a good diagnosis.

 ⚠ We mistakenly think that with alternative medicine, it takes longer to heal. You will see how false this is!

 « If we wanted to silence our prejudices, we would quickly understand the supreme wisdom of nature and our skepticism would quickly yield to its effectiveness. » [ Dr. Jarvis ]

 ⚠ Dorothee Koechlin☆Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont, medical journalist, is the French specialist of the American mystic Edgar Cayce after having worked for several years at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in the United States.insists on this point:

 « Cayce repeats again and again that all disease is first built in the mind, cancer like the others! He constantly insists on the work to be done in our mind, in our spirit, and in terms of the hygiene of life. Illness is primarily a consequence of a twisted mental and emotional attitude! And no medicine will work if we don't correct our inner attitude. It is only by agreeing to work on our mind and our emotions that we have a chance to see the recipes work. »

 ☞  Illness and our feelings

_ _

If you are looking for a healer, an acupuncturist, a dowser... Dorothée Koechlin invites us to discover this (non-profit) organization:

 « There is in France a syndicate of healers known for the competence and honesty of its members. This is the GNOMA, whose headquarters are in Paris. I very often had recourse to the GNOMA (NATIONAL GROUP FOR THE ORGANIZATION OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES) to treat me and I have never regretted it. »

If you're not in Paris, it doesn't matter. their website:

offers you a practitioner near you!

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A cold




Angina / pharyngitis


Cough: soothe it, evacuate it
 Other conditions > Points

Subcutaneous infection





Pain in feet, legs


Insomnia, anxiety


Mouth problems


Stomach aches

Slim down  -  Wrinkles


Hair loss

Rheumatisms. osteoarthritis

Blood pressure

Tick ​​(bite)


Your eyes and the computer

 -- ENT --

 ☞  The common cold

 ☞  Flu

 ☞  Sinusitis

 ☞  Angina / pharyngitis

 ☞  Bronchitis

=> Coronavirus:
 my modest contribution if you feel infected:

    ✱ At the first signs of a runny nose, see the chapter on the common cold .

    ✱ Apply flu and bronchitis treatments together .

    The 2 most active remedies being the sitz bath (for a general mobilization of the body) and garlic (unequaled anti-viral for the bronchi), with honey as reinforcement.

    ✱ Against fatigue : try a "tonic" : in half a glass of water pour 2 spoonfuls of cider vinegar and a good spoonful of honey .

    ✱ To fight both fatigue and infection, breathe camphor essential oil .

=> Earache, beginning of otitis?

=> Cough:


 -- Other conditions --

 ☞  Insomnia, anxiety

 ☞  Stomach pain

 ☞  Mouth problems (teeth, gums, breath...)

 ☞  Your eyes and the computer

 ☞  Rheumatisms. osteoarthritis  /  sciatica  /  back problems

=> Cramps:

    ✱ « Honey is a sedative that provides restful sleep. Acting on the body as a sedative. Add three teaspoons of cider vinegar to a cup of honey, pour the mixture into a bottle that you will put near your bed. Start by taking two teaspoons of this mixture before going to bed.
     If you happen to have muscle cramps in your leg or foot at night, this remedy will solve the problem. »  [ Dr. Jarvis ]

    ✱ Lie on your back: straighten your legs, gently bring your toes towards you.

    ✱ In case of violent pain, massage with 1-2 drops of wintergreen essential oil .

=> Paronychia, abscess

  or any subcutaneous infection:

Using a cotton swab, dab hot (simmering) water, barely bearable, on the painful part.
To renew 3-4 times a day. Usually 2-3 days of torture is enough.

=> Headaches:

=> Torticollis, neck pain:

✱ 2-4 times a day, massage the neck with 2 drops of wintergreen essential oil .
 or with a muscle balm (Saint-Bernard type in France based on isoamyl salicylate and camphor).
 or with this astringent lotion.

=> Uveitis:

Symptoms: The eye is red, sometimes bloodshot, it is painful, even very painful, it fears the light, the vision is weakened.
✱ Take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
✱ Soak the tip of the index finger in sweet almond oil and add a small drop or trace of wintergreen essential oil . Gently massage the eyelid and around the eye. It may sting a little but if it burns wipe it off and rinse with water immediately.

=> Constipation:

✱ Use an enema bulb filled with warm-hot water.
☞  Edgar Cayce's advice

=> Intoxication, poisoning:

Clay .
Apple cider vinegar has a sterilizing effect on the stomach. It is " one of the most powerful remedies for food poisoning ", reads elsewhere.
“Mix a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water and drink a teaspoon every 5 minutes. Renew throughout the day. » [ Dr. Jarvis ]

=> Anemia:

Edgar Cayce indicates“There is nothing better, in case of anemia, than phosphorus! A shellfish soup will be very effective. And also, nothing is more useful for increasing red blood cells, than what we find in seafood: oysters, clams...”

=> Dandruff:

If your hair is too dry, on a weekend morning when you don't go out, rub yourself with a mixture of olive oil and water. Massage regularly and leave to act as much as possible.
Wheat germ oil is also effective but it has the great advantage of drying without being greasy.

=> Loss or fall of hair:

Every morning, rub them with a lotion made up of a decoction of rosemary, a little olive oil, a few drops of lemon essential oil, a spoonful of cider vinegar and water.

=> Wrinkles:olive oil

=> Lose weight / overweight:

    ✱ Advice from Dr. Jarvis: “A woman who is too tight in her dress will take, for several months, at each meal a glass of water containing 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar . Which destroys excess fat.

    ✱ consider iodine deficiency

    ✱  Edgar Cayce advises a"'Apple diet', where you only eat raw apples (untreated, of course!) for three days, finishing this mini-cure with a coffee cup of olive oil. This cure has a depurative purpose: it makes you lose weight, corrects constipation, drains the body at the onset of winter. »

    ✱ In an impressive number of readings, he also prescribes grape juice as an absolute weapon against obesity.
     « Drink grape juice four times a day, at least four days a week: you can cut it with water, in the proportion of a glass of grape juice for a glass and a half of pure water; and this, about half an hour before each meal and before going to bed. » [a reading by Edgar Cayce]

=> Tiredness
  (transient or chronic, infectious or not)

    ✱  have some garlic ! You will be amazed at its effect.

    ✱ 2 drops of Black Spruce essential oil applied to the kidneys, 3 times a day.

    ✱ “One of the main causes of chronic fatigue is a deficiency in iodine and mineral salts, and seafood contains them in abundance. Dried beans are also recommended.
     Mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink in one or two sips during the meal. [ Dr. Jarvis ]

    ✱ Oats are a cereal recommended in case of fatigue.

    ✱ Clay , which plays a role in the acid-base balance of the body, helps fight against states of fatigue .

    ✱ The "tonic" : in half a glass of water pour 2 teaspoonful of cider vinegar and two teaspoonful of honey .

=> Blood pressure:

“If salt is given up , the blood will give up the excess water and the blood pressure will drop accordingly.
 The effect of honey is quite the opposite. Honey acts on water like a magnet. Taken with every meal, it drains excess water, thereby lowering blood pressure.
 Balance the protein/hydrocarbon ratio in your diet. » [ Dr. Jarvis ]

=> Tick bite:

After extracting the tick and disinfecting using a cotton swab, dab the bite site with hot (simmering) water .
Very quickly, the symptoms (an itchy swollen redness) should disappear.

=> Pain in the feet, legs, varicose veins:

    * Take off your slippers! Walk barefoot or with non-slip socks.

    * Massage the leg with this astringent lotion.

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Garlic  -  Garlic syrup

turnip syrup



The properties of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar rub

 Internal -  external anti-inflammatories




_ _

 Clay is the result of the very fine-textured decomposition of the rocks of the earth's crust, a process that has taken place over millennia in such a way that the material is loaded with minerals: iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, sodium, potassium, etc.

Edgar Cayce advised consuming a little clay from time to time, to " balance health ". This is not surprising, clay (especially green) contains the most important minerals for human beings.

Superfine green clay (if possible dried in the sun) can be found in pharmacies.
Gently sprinkle the bottom of a teaspoon over half a glass of water. Stir well and drink (everything), immediately.

 « I have often experienced, says Dorothée Koechlin, to put a pinch of clay in the drinking water of sick animals: I swear to you that they rush on it! As for ourselves, humans, if we need it, it's true that we find it tastes good! »

Many herbivores living in areas rich in toxic plants gorge themselves on their leaves during the day, and at night... on clay.

Clay absorbs toxins and poisons from the tissues and eliminates them from the body. Primates, elephants, giraffes eat it to heal themselves.
When turtles eat a poisonous plant, their natural instinct prompts them to swallow clay. The Ara parrot licks the clay in order to neutralize certain toxins in its daily diet (toxic and hallucinogenic berries).

The antimicrobial activity of natural clay was presented on April 6, 2008 during the 235th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

To demonstrate the anti-bacterial capacities of clay, one can quote this discovery in 1898, in a cemetery of the surroundings of Bordeaux, of a body deposited in full clay and which was still fresh after seven years.

Testimony January 2011: “I am 75 years old. 2 days ago around 5 p.m., vomiting, acute diarrhea, chills... Two doses of clay around 6 p.m. and around 9 p.m. (1 dose = 1 teaspoon of clay in a glass of water). Re-belotte at 4 o'clock in the night. In the morning, it was over, I didn't even remember having had a gastro! »

To learn more about the incredible benefits - and the limits - of clay you will find countless links on the Internet. For example: this one.



_ _

Immediately after each meal:

(If you have a weak stomach, drink some clay (see above) to keep you from burning.)

    ▪ In a saucer, finely grate a small clove of garlic.
    ▪ Mix thoroughly with a well-filled teaspoon of honey .

    ▪ Take small spoonfuls and chew slowly .
    Do not swallow , chew. If it burns too much, take more honey with another spoon.

Congratulations. If you are afraid of having bad breath, distribute garlic around you or chew parsley (an excellent source of vitamin C).

Note: Garlic is an unparalleled antibiotic for the bronchial tubes , but it is only really effective when taken this way . Even grated raw in food, it loses a lot of its action.

But for a child there is a gentle method, garlic syrup:


Garlic syrup

_ _

(very well accepted by children, even the smallest)
    - peel 2-4 large cloves of garlic
    - grate them in a saucepan
    - boil then leave to infuse for 2 hours
    - reheat a little more over low heat then pour into a bowl through a mesh colander. Squeeze well to extract the juice. Add honey .
    - give as much as you want several times a day

Turnip syrup

(very good taste)

- cut a quarter of a turnip into small pieces
- put it in a glass and cover it with sugar
- place it in the fridge and wait about 6 hours
- a syrup will form, drink it several times a day



    ▪ Use quality apple cider vinegar with whole apples .

    ▪ Pour a teaspoon ( no more! ) of cider vinegar into a good half glass of water and mix.
    Stick to this dose even if it doesn't seem strong enough.

    ▪ Throw your head back and sing! Produce deep " AaaAhaaAhaaah " type modulations , so that the product goes far down the throat.
    If you swallow it, it does not matter, quite the contrary, cider vinegar is a remedy .

     Dr. Jarvis testifies:

    “To my great surprise, I found(laboratory analysis)that this treatment could make sore throats with streptococci disappear in 24 hours and that a membrane on the tonsils disappeared within 12 hours.»



_ _

It must be controlled and possibly limited, but it must not be fought systematically, even with a child, because it is one of the body's essential means of defense against aggression. Fever has two effects:
    → Putting the body on alert and general mobilization, because let's remember, even for a thorn in the foot that becomes infected, it is the whole that is mobilized: antibodies, acceleration of blood purification, fatigue to cause rest, loss of appetite so as not to tire the body (digestion/assimilation/elimination), sweating to eliminate toxins, bacteria traps (lymph nodes), etc.

    → The creation of an environment unfavorable to the reproduction of viruses
Also, analgesics (like xxxgan) which also lower the fever are dangerous, in the sense that 1/ they prevent the body from mobilizing 2/ they mask the symptoms, 3/ making you feel better, they push you to imprudence, such as stopping treatment, smoking, going back to work, going out in the cold, etc.
So use them only thoughtfully, because fever is beneficial (provided you control it).
“Sweat and fever are the body's two means of defence. By fever, excessive metabolites are burned; by sweat, eliminated. »
(Dr. A. Salmanoff : 'Secrets and wisdom of the body - medicine of the depths')☆ Doctor Salmanoff was born in 1875 in Russia, in Gomel and died in 1964. He graduated from the faculties of Moscow, Berlin and Pavia. He was Lenin's personal physician and directed nearly all the spa treatments in the USSR. He had to emigrate from the USSR because he did not adhere to communism. Subsequently he became an extraordinary member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Italy and practiced in Paris.
 « Fever helps us in three ways:

    * It activates, in our bone marrow, the formation of some of our white blood cells called macrophages. They are specialized cells to get rid of a number of pathogens.

    * It activates cells that are contained in our thymus, this gland located behind our sternum, which plays an important role in our immune system. These cells, called lymphocytes, will produce anti-inflammatory cytokines which will act on the infection.

    * Through the perspiration it generates, fever allows us to eliminate a large number of toxins through the skin. It's much more effective than a sauna!
    There is nothing better to treat yourself when you have an infection.
If the fever does not exceed 39° and does not last more than three days, and no other symptoms appear, you must respect this fever. It allows the body to defend itself, without any drug molecule. »
(Dr Dominique Rueff)



_ _

Ravintsara essential oil

It is extracted by distillation from the leaves of the Camphor tree (the essential oil of camphor or camphor rosemary includes the active compounds of the wood and the bark of the Camphor tree).

 « Ravintsara essential oil is probably the most powerful known natural antiviral (Jassim, 2003 and Wang 2004 have shown its action on the destruction of viral nucleic acids), it is antibacterial and it is also an excellent physical and psychological relaxant. Recent publications have been able to confirm its effectiveness, traditionally known, as a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant (2006 Lee)”.
( )


_ _

Inflammation is one of the body's means of healing, but as with fever, it must not be allowed to exceed a certain threshold.

I/ internally:

▪ Anti-inflammatories (non-steroidal, because without cortisone) in the form of medicine (Ex: Brexin 10mg). To protect your stomach, take it with meals and if necessary after a small glass of clay.

▪ Aspirin is also a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; light but effective. If you take it effervescent, after meals and in small quantities (1/4 gram) you can take it 2-3 times a day without problem in the long term☆The warnings about the risk of bleeding and rare diseases only apply if you take high doses for prolonged use (having had an ulcer, I was of course advised against it but the doses indicated do not never gave me a stomach problem)..

▪ For prolonged use, try turmeric which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

▪ The product AINAT (not tried) is recommended for its absence of side effects if you need an effective anti-inflammatory over a long period.
It contains harpagophytum, curcumin (turmeric) and bromelain. For more information, go to the Applied Rheumatology Laboratory website.

II/ externally:

For painful joints, apply wintergreen essential oil several times a day .



 « In Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used for millennia to treat inflammatory conditions.
 The anti-inflammatory action of turmeric is comparable to that of cortisone, phenylbutazone (used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It seems that turmeric works by inhibiting enzymes that participate in the synthesis of inflammatory substances - themselves derived from arachidonic acid - such as prostaglandins E2 and leukotrienes. It is thought to decrease the release of chemical mediators from cells and neutrophils. It also seems to increase the effect of cortisol on cells or perhaps even prolong the half-life of the latter and/or decrease its hepatic degradation.


Article published by Dr Philippe Presles on 02/22/2010:
 « Turmeric is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory identified to date. It is effective against digestive inflammation and to prevent joint inflammation.

How to consume it and at what dose?

Turmeric alone is very poorly absorbed by the body because it does not cross the intestinal barrier . In fact, it is necessary to add black pepper to turmeric, which multiplies by 1000, even 2000 the absorption of turmeric!

The other important point to know about turmeric is that it must also be dissolved in oil ( preferably olive oil ). Thus, in practice, it is recommended to add turmeric to sauces, vinaigrettes and other cooked dishes (soups, vegetables, rice, pasta...).
In practice, add half a teaspoon of turmeric to your dishes every day, without forgetting to pepper them (black pepper). »


(Prefer the "wintergreen lying down")

 « Wintergreen essential oil contains 90% methyl salicylate, which when taken orally or applied to the skin converts to salicylic acid, i.e. the same main active metabolite of the drug Aspirin . "

For painful joints, apply 1-2 drops to the painful area and massage in gently, several times a day.

→ You can supplement with a drop of lavender essential oil to enhance the effect and remove the wintergreen smell.

→ For a faster and more intense action, do not dilute it in vegetable oil.

→ Be careful, wintergreen essential oil is very strong.
If you massage yourself, wash your hands afterwards.
If you inhale it, take care that the bottle does not touch the inside of the nostril or the lips, it would sting you.


The clay paste

In a small resealable container (like a mini jam jar), mix green clay with very little water. You should get a thick, sticky batter. This property is very important for healing a mouth ulcer or relieving the gums. To maintain this quality, renew the paste every week.

For very inflamed gums, include a pinch of turmeric powder and baking soda in the mixture.

To keep strong gums, massage them long and gently with the clay paste.


The gingival paste

In a small resealable container (like a mini jam jar), pour:

 ✱ a dab of turmeric powder (antibacterial, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory),
 ✱ one of baking soda (dissolves encrusted stains, cleanses and relieves inflamed gums and reduces the tartar by neutralizing oral acid which is responsible for ulcerations and oral inflammation☆« With a PH of 8.4, bicarbonate is slightly alkaline and neutralizes the effects of acidity. »)
 ✱ and half dab of clay

Make a “smooth” mixture by adding very little water. Renew the dough every week.


Castor oil

Dorothée Koechlin ☆Dorothée Koechlin de Bizemont, a medical journalist, became the French specialist on the American mystic Edgar Cayce after working for several years at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in the United States.tells us:
 "Castor oil is extracted from the well-known shrub called in Latin "Palma christi". Cayce prescribed it nearly 570 times! That is to say if he considered it important! I tried it myself... It's great!

 This is not really a new remedy: it has always been known that castor oil is a powerful cathartic, that is to say a substance that causes catharsis, or rapid reaction of the body to get rid of toxins. »

 « After application, wash the skin with soap to rid it of the acidity and natural secretions that will have been caused by the poultice. »

Skin problems

→ Bunions, warts, dermatoses, cysts, benign tumors.

 Coat the skin with castor oil ☆Buy Codex castor oil, the most natural possible, then put a woolen scarf over it (preferable to cotton) and place a hot water bottle over it (
"source of dry heat that will keep this poultice warm for about an hour").

Internal disorders

→ cystitis and cholecystitis, hepatic and renal colic, all hepatic and digestive problems in general, colitis, colic, constipation, appendicitis; rheumatism, headaches, certain disorders of the nervous system such as epilepsy; nephritis, and even toxaemia of pregnancy. All the fevers...

 Since all these ailments come from internal poisoning, castor oil then acts as a catalyst in the elimination of poisons (Do not use castor oil poultices during menstruation).

 « The effect of these oil poultices is to energize, through absorption through the perspiratory system, the physico-chemical activities that produce a greater quantity of lymph, increasing the activity of the exchanges on the surface. This causes drainage which will allow the elimination of poisons”

 Apply the poultice several days in a row, for several hours in acute cases, until the pain is relieved and the symptoms improve, and on the area that corresponds to the organ (for example on the liver, in case hepatic colic, on the kidneys in the case of renal colic and stones, etc.).


Astringent lotion

In a small bottle, pour:

 . a bottom of water
 . double the amount of white vinegar
 . 10-20 drops (depending on the quantity used previously) of peppermint essential oil and the same amount of lemon essential oil.



Edgar Cayce says in an inspired message to him:

“The reason why we recommend these massages deserves your attention: inactivity causes a weakening, a relaxation of certain areas along the spine, areas from which the nerve impulses go to the various organs. Some people receive more nerve stimulation than others, so massage restores balance by helping the ganglia receive nerve impulses as they should and this helps circulation through different parts of the body. »☆“Massage gently, along the spine (each vertebra is linked to an organ of the body), with olive oil. Each segment of the column, each vertebra, will be massaged. Rub well to work the oil into the body.
The massages go upwards, and towards the heart. Ask the patient to tell you what relieves him, or, on the contrary, what seems unpleasant to him, and which should be avoided.

 In all diseases where the nervous system is failing, and there are many, Cayce ordered massages. He also considered it to be, anyway, a preventive treatment against rheumatism.