Aches in the kidneys, chills, headache, runny nose, no appetite... Hmm, that sounds like the flu.
Don't wait, take the following steps:

1) Day treatment:
→ Rest! And forget the cigarettes!

→ Mix 2-3 teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water and a good spoonful of honey

 « The sugar contained in the blood alone is used immediately by the heart as a stimulant. However, there is also, permanently, a certain amount of sugar which slowly filters through the intestinal wall. However, honey contains two categories of sugars: 40% dextrose and 34% levulose. Dextrose passes directly into the blood, while levulose is assimilated more slowly, thus playing a regulatory role which eliminates all risks of overactivation.

  « Les os, les dents, les ongles, les cheveux sont à base de phosphore et de calcium. Or, si l'organisme est rarement pauvre en phosphore. il est souvent déficient en calcium. Le miel permet d'augmenter très rapidement la concentration de calcium dans le sang. L'expérience montre qu'environ deux heures après l'ingestion de miel, on constate une élévation du taux de calcium dans le sang, et cette amélioration est susceptible de se prolonger pendant vingt quatre heures.

  « Il est prouvé que le miel, par sa richesse en potassium, entraîne l'élimination des bactéries. Le potassium, en effet, empêche les bouillons de culture de se développer.

  « Le miel prépare à l'effort, et constitue ensuite l'aliment idéal pour récupérer. »
[ Dr Jarvis ]

and drink it throughout the day.

→ Avoid painkillers which lower the fever (☞  see HERE ) and relieve aches. By masking the symptoms, they make you think you can walk away as if nothing had happened.

Only lower it when it becomes unbearable (fever sets up an unfavorable ground for the reproduction/proliferation of microbes and mobilizes the body's defenses)

Drink water. Many, regularly

→ Take the following herbal tea 4 times a day:
Preparation: in a saucepan, boil 3/4 liter of water, throw in a handful of rosemary

Rosemary is antiviral and tonic.

, thyme (or better wild thyme), and sage leaves . Leave to rest with a lid for 10 minutes (no more, the taste would be unbearable). Strain into a large bowl at the bottom of which you have put 2 tablespoons of honey . Mix and drink it regularly.
If the rosemary tastes too pungent, break it up with lemon juice .

→ If you have a runny nose, head taken
 1 / do not blow your nose too much (you will accentuate the headache), dab your nose gently
 2 / inhale 3 times a day: in boiling water pour 2 drops of Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil and cover head AND bowl with a towel, or inhale Eucalyptus Radiata essential oil from time to time . ☆ « L’eucalyptus radiata est anti-inflammatoire, antitussif, décongestionnant et bronchodilatateur. C’est surtout au moment de l’infection qu’il est très utile. »
Dr Dominique Rueff

→ To fight against both fatigue and infection breathe essential oil of rosemary camphor or ravintsara

→ Do not force yourself to eat. If you are hungry, but it would be surprising, take something light, like a vermicelli soup (this will rest your body because digestion, assimilation and then elimination are a cause of fatigue for it).

 « When an animal feels sick, it refuses to eat. In doing so, she creates a new biochemical state in her body that facilitates healing. If you are sick, stick to an acidic drink: grape juice rich in tartaric acid or apple juice rich in malic acid. » [ Dr. Jarvis ]

→ Eat oranges, take vitamin C (several 1g tablets per day)

2) Evening treatment:

At bedtime:

→ Take a hot herbal tea (of anything The ideal is green tea, with naturally antiviral properties.

Dr Dominique Rueff
, to sleep for example), it will help you eliminate toxins through perspiration.
Put yourself under the duvet, keeping a towel close to you.

→ During the night, let yourself sweat ! but mop if necessary; don't stay wet and do not uncover yourself.

“To promote elimination, it is recommended to sweat profusely. [ Dr. Jarvis]

“Sweating is a clinical symptom of great importance. Its role is to eliminate the substances which accumulate in the vessels and in the extra-cellular liquids in excessive quantity. »
(Dr. A. Salmanoff Doctor Salmanoff was born in 1875 in Russia, in Gomel and died in 1964. He graduated from the faculties of Moscow, Berlin and Pavia. He was Lenin's personal doctor and directed almost all the thermal cures in the USSR. He had to emigrate from the USSR because he did not adhere to communism. Subsequently he became an extraordinary member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Italy and he practiced in Paris. : 'Secrets and wisdom of the body - medicine of the depths')

If you've been lucky enough to sweat profusely, you are well on your way to recovery.

3) Shock treatment:

If you haven't sweated or haven't sweated enough, then the next evening, while your herbal tea is steeping, take a sitz bath . No, don't laugh, it's extraordinarily effective (but unnecessary if your fever is under 38°).

The sitz bath:

Its principle of action is as follows:

 1/ We lower the temperature of the body at the level of the pelvis and the kidneys. The blood then flows back to the top of the body, the bronchi.
 2/ We rub the lower body which has been cooled. The blood mass that has been chased away comes back in full force.

Under the effect of ebb and flow, the upper body (bronchi, head) benefits from blood regeneration and a major cleansing of the lymphatic system. It is a tremendous boost to the body which is fighting infection.

The natural reaction to such brewing is sweating . Through it, the body eliminates waste (keep a towel near you at night and do not try to stop sweating by uncovering yourself, for example). In the morning the healing can be spectacular.

Here's how to do it:
→ Prepare a basin large enough to accommodate your basin.

→ Steep your herbal tea and prepare your bed.

→ Heat the bathroom.


→ Put cold water into the basin (yes, even if it is freezing in winter). Note that you need little water otherwise it will overflow when you sit in it.

→ Cover your chest, it must stay warm, put a mat under your feet.

→ Close the bathroom door and if possible put the towel on a towel warmer that will dry you later.

→ Sit down slowly in the basin. You are cold, that's normal, but:
the first minute you should only feel cold in your groin and buttocks


after 2-3 minutes (it seems long) you shouldn't be cold anywhere, you should be fine (the headache subsided).

→ When you no longer feel the cold of the water at all (~4mn) it means that all the blood that could have flowed back has flowed back, so there is no need to stay longer.

→ Get out of the water and rub yourself with the towel.


→ Drink your herbal tea then jump under the duvet, you must now sweat to eliminate toxins.

→ During the night sponge yourself often, do not get soaked in sweat.

→ In the morning, you will have the impression of reliving...

This method is very suitable for children.