Angina &


Treat angina
or pharyngitis

  I t is not obvious to know if one makes angina or pharyngitis. During angina, you feel tingling in the throat when you swallow, and a little pain when you eat.

Warning: Pharyngitis is more difficult to detect, because the pain is weak, just a gene. On the other hand, if neglected, it can degenerate into bronchitis.

The surest method to diagnose it -because you should not wait for other symptoms-, is to proceed as for angina: let a small piece of lemon melt in your mouth. If it stings, it's angina. Otherwise it is pharyngitis, that is to say an infection of the trachea, beyond the throat.

How to treat throat infection:

As soon as the first symptoms appear (difficulty swallowing and/or discomfort when swallowing), take the following measures:

    → Cut a lemon in a saucer into small pieces, and take one every half hour , letting it melt in your mouth. If it stings you, your diagnosis is correct (otherwise consider pharyngitis).
    If you don't have a lemon, go buy some or start with an apple cider vinegar gargle (☞  method HERE ).
    Warning : yes, the lemon is sovereign to cure a sore throat - white or red, but use it ONLY in this way (not in juice).

    After 24 hours your throat should hardly sting anymore.

    → Drink water regularly, if possible rosemary and thyme herbal teas

    → Do not smoke

    → Rest, eat oranges or take vitamin C, think honey

    → Avoid "drugs" that relieve throat pain! You would not know if your condition is getting better or worse.

How to treat (incipient) pharyngitis:

After 24 hours your throat should practically no longer sting you (the difficulty, if you have dosed too much vinegar, will be to determine if it is not it that has irritated your throat).


 ☞   Bronchitis