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Relieve rheumatism, osteoarthritis

back pain

1/ Food:

The Oxford University Press published a study of theBritish Society for Rheumatology. Here are the essentials reported by this site maintained by scientific journalists and dieticians:

The worsening weight:

 Overweight and obese osteoarthritis patients should implement a weight loss strategy that incorporates mobility-appropriate exercises(this is common sense, but don't rely on your doctor to suggest it (and even less on your friends))
 Obesity increases pressure on weight-bearing joints, and longitudinally overweight and obese people are at significantly higher risk for knee replacement surgery.

It has been established that ONE kilogram too, weighs for TWO Kg more, on EACH knee when walking.


 If the polyunsaturated fats of the omega-6 family (sunflower, corn, grapeseed oils, etc.) are, in excess, directly responsible for inflammation, others, on the contrary, make it possible to fight Cons: These are omega-3s.
 According to researchers at the University of Surrey, the consumption of fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, salmon, etc.) relieves pain and improves function in osteoarthritis patients. The authors also advise reducing consumption of red meats and replacing animal fats with beneficial vegetable oils such as olive oil.

 ☞ There is a strong association between osteoarthritis and increased cholesterol. Patients should ensure they are meeting recommended intakes of micro-nutrients such as vitamin K , which plays a role in bone/cartilage mineralization☆Cauliflower, red and white cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, broccoli, kohlrabi, romanesco cabbage, black radish, turnip, rutabaga, horseradish, etc. are rich in vitamins C and K and many antioxidants (peppers, artichoke, celery, garlic, tomato, tea)).


The Glycemic Index (see table ):

 A diet with a high glycemic index causes postprandial hyperglycaemia, itself responsible for oxidative stress; which is involved in the breakdown of articular cartilage and promotes inflammation.
 The production of pro-inflammatory molecules also plays an important role in knee osteoarthritis, and a high GI diet promotes the production of one of these pro-inflammatory molecules.
 => Choose your carbohydrates carefully, favoring those with a low to moderate glycemic index☆Ex: Dates 103 / Fresh apple 38, Dried apricots 30
 Raw carrots 16, Cooked carrots 47 Baked potato
 95 / Mashed potatoes 83
 White baguette 95 / Integral bread 49, Butter 50
 Puffed rice cakes 85, White rusk 68
 Quick cooking rice 6 min 87 / Basmati rice 58
 Cooked spaghetti. 10-15 min 44
 Semi-skimmed milk 30


✱ “Sweets maintain osteoarthritis. »Edgar Cayce

 "rheumatism, articular rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, even multiple sclerosis and all serious degenerative diseases, would have a direct relationship with a "hyper-alkalinity" of the body (although a slight alkalinity is rather good for health ). »Edgar Cayce
This is confirmed by this study .

Apple cider vinegar : pour 2 good teaspoons of it into half a glass of water and a good spoonful of honey. To prepare and drink 2-3 times a day in small sips☆

“For people with arthritis, cider vinegar helps dissolve calcium deposits and promotes their elimination. It is recommended for bursitis , tendonitis , osteoarthritis , calcareous heel spur , kidney or liver stones . Apple cider vinegar can play an important role in relieving the pain caused by arthritis because it promotes softening and elimination of bad lime accumulated in the joints. It can also help slow the progression of this disease.
 At each meal and at bedtime drink 1/2 glass of water with 1 to 2 tbsp. tablespoons pure cider vinegar. For faster relief, apply warm water and salt to the affected area and rub in apple cider vinegar afterwards. »

"Artisanal cider vinegar, my passion... its virtues..."
Manon Derocher, 1999, Edition M. Derocher (quoted by https://fr.scribd.com).


    A farmer told Dr. Jarvis “that before taking at all his meals 10 teaspoons of cider vinegar in a glass of water, he experienced weakness in all the joints. From the first day of treatment, the weakness decreased by 20% and he felt an even greater improvement on the second day. On the fourth day, he estimated his improvement at 50%, and at 75% after a month. He also had joint pains, but these gradually dissipated along with the weakness. Eventually the pains disappeared altogether, including those he felt in the back of his head and in the back of his neck. »

Comments from Dr. Jarvis:

"(...) I therefore took more and more interest in observing the influence of cider vinegar on calcium metabolism  : could the potassium and the acid contained in cider vinegar promote the deposition calcium in diseased joints?
 In our region the water is rich in limestone, the interior of our kettles must be descaled every month and the coil of the water heater replaced every year.
 However, in a kettle, if you boil a glass of cider vinegar in a liter of water, the limestone dissolves in the mixture. And if you add two liters of cider vinegar to the boiler and wait two days, the limestone dissolves and is evacuated with the hot water.
 These observations show that the limestone goes into solution(becomes soluble)in an acid medium. Others show that limestone precipitates(sets down)in alkaline medium.
 The blood reaction is weakly alkaline. If this alkalinity exceeds normal, calcium is precipitated and deposited in the tissues. »

Edgar Cayce confirms this:

" Rheumatisms. articular rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, even multiple sclerosis and all serious degenerative diseases, would have a direct relationship with a "hyper-alkalinity" of the body. »

Miracle products:

My wife and I have tried CBD oil : only its price relieved us.

2/ Massages:

✱ Massage the painful part with cider vinegar

or with wintergreen  essential oil. At regular intervals rather than all at once. Supplementing with 2 drops of lavender essential oil will enhance the effect and remove the wintergreen smell. Relief may take 1 hour.

The association between wintergreen and peppermint has been studied and found to be effective in the management of back pain.

✱ Camphor is also very effective. In the form of a muscle balm (like Saint-Bxxxx, possibly supplemented with a drop of Wintergreen), or by applying camphor essential oil .

✱  Edgar Cayce indicates that massages are a preventive treatment against rheumatism.

3/ Heat:

After applying a balm and/or an essential oil, preserve the painful area:

✱ with a hot water bottle

✱ with a bandage or simply a sock cut for an elbow, an old winter stocking for the knee...

4/ Movement:

✱”Movement maintains joint mobility, nourishes cartilage, reduces the risk of falling and promotes weight loss. »

Sciatica or points of osteoarthritis:

⚠ Be careful, if you sit for a long time on a bench or a stone (cold which is moreover), it will only be after 24 hours, or even more, that you will notice sciatica. So you won't necessarily make the connection.

⚠ The same if you move, even quickly, from your heated living room to the garage or the laundry room.

☞  See the massages above

☞ Be careful of the cold, always cover your kidneys.

☞ To prevent repeated sciatica,

take 20 seconds every morning to warm up your glutes:

Do a number of slow, wide leg rolls, one way, then the other. Increase this number gradually over the days, without overdoing it but improving the amplitude.

☞ When you are in a lot of pain, cover your loins warmly... and go for a walk!

Anti-inflammatories .

 Back problems:

You start to get hunched over:

☞ Every morning, perform about twenty pinwheels backwards, looking closely at the ceiling. Slowly, without forcing, stretching your arms well.


☞ Stretch arms and legs for... as long as possible, 3-4 times/week. Make sure your back is straight and aligned . In the beginning, it would be good if someone controls it for you.

Prevent lumbago:

☞ Do ten to twenty windmills every morning, slow and wide with your arms, in one direction, then, after a break, in the other. As the days go by, improve the amplitude.