Your eyes and

 the computer

This chapter is a compilation of exchanges gleaned from the Internet:

Question posted:

“Before I had an LCD screen and even before a CRT. On my two previous screens, I had no problem. However, with my new LED, the first night I got it, I had an unexplained strong pain in my eyes.
 I spent the afternoon doing research, and I came across many other forumers having the
same symptoms with their new LED screens...  ”


“I had exactly the same type of problem as you with burning eyes after 30 minutes spent on the screen. The screens are now LED, however the result varies greatly from one model to another. »
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 « After research I found the exact cause of the problem. LED screens use a system of flashing LEDs to reduce the brightness, which depending on the frequency can actually give headaches (this was my case).
 In the end, the solution is therefore to... leave the brightness at 100% on the screen, to possibly lower it via a software solution. To me, that seems to have solved the problem.
 To check if your screen is flickering, there are two solutions:

    - Put a white background and wave your hand (or a pencil, ...) in front of it. If you have a sort of stroboscopic effect, and therefore clearly distinguish the outlines of the object/your hand at regular intervals => flickering

    - Use a digital camera and simply aim at the screen and look at the image on the APN screen: you will see horizontal lines appear (like with good old CRTs)

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