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Child's dream

I must have been 11 years old when I had this dream, which I have never forgotten because nothing could influence it: we did not have television; in the cinema they showed Hercules or Sissi, and everywhere around me, the word "death" was superstitiously avoided. As for seeing one...!
It was only when I was twenty years old that for the first time I heard of reincarnation... I then thought or understood that this dream must have been a reminiscence.

 My eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness. I find myself in a large room. In the center, a dozen candles on high copper feet give off an orange light. Between these candelabras, an open black lacquered coffin irresistibly draws my attention.
 A face with an emaciated profile stands out from the satin lining. The man is rather tall, he must be around seventy years old.

Although lengthened and motionless, a certain nobility, even pride, emanates from him. Suddenly a dizziness seized me, I exclaimed:

But it's me !

 This certainty, although staggering, comes to me from the depths of my being. But what surprises me the most is not fact that I recognize myself in this man I see for the first time, it's seeing myself dead. I can't believe I'm lying here in this coffin with my eyes closed.

" What am I doing here ?? »

 In search of an explanation, I look around with a lost look.

I then see people meditating in front of the coffin.

Out of the shadows emerge only the pale face of a young woman and the white cuffs and collars of three men. However, I don't need more to know that there are… my children.

 But my eyes return immediately to this body from which life has withdrawn, and which plunges me into the most unfathomable perplexity. As I look at him – as I look at myself – a stupid idea strikes me:
 I am dead ! »

 The oppressive emotional density that saturates the room and petrifies everything, reinforces this incredible evidence.

 - Oh, come on! My conscience protests. I can move, I have all my senses! Am I not seeing, reasoning?

 These unassailable arguments, like a benevolent wave, carry away the terror that paralyzed my mind. I can breathe again, my limbs come back to life.

Pfft, it's a joke! or something like that..."

 The relief makes me want to laugh. Magnanimously, before turning on my heels, I give the room a last radiant look. Surprisingly people are still there, frozen in deep meditation. My smile lights up with mischief:

"They too must believe that I am dead!" They're even so sure of it that they haven't seen me! Come on, I'll reassure them.

 A little as if I came out of a hiding place, I rush towards them, waving my hands:

- Hey, I'm here! Don't be sad anymore! Ho, ho!

 But then, an anguish from the depths of time grips my heart. As I walk, joy gives way to doubt, then doubt to the evidence. I have to admit the inadmissible, believe in the incredible: no one sees me. Nobody hears me!

 Broken, I stop. Here I am very close to them, touching them. But their gaze does not blink. They do not perceive my presence, yet so close. Faced with such a formidable enigma, my brain, unable to advance the beginnings of an explanation, spins on empty.

 Out of spite, my arms fall back. This movement distracts my attention for a moment. My stupor then reached its climax because, first incredulous then terrified, I realized that through my right arm, I continued to distinguish these motionless people! My body, the one that allowed me to move around, is transparent!

 Nothing and no one moved as I approached, not even the halo of a candle. Everything in this room is petrified in a gangue of silence. I have no control over this hallucinating scene. Fixed, immutable, it seems swept away in the glacier of time, and although I am the central character... I no longer have my place there!

With time, and many readings, I realize that this... "dream", joins completely what those people who were believed to be dead and returned from the arms of death, these "experiencers" have felt from the world of the spirit.

« Your gaze will be in amazement because your carnal body will be inanimate and you will fly over it in a similar and ethereal body.
 « The most impressive thing is to see yourself alive while being more in your body of matter. The most painful thing is to speak, to shout and not to be heard by one's own.

 « For those who leave the Earth, time will no longer be the same, they will no longer have this notion of time that you humans have. »

 « Still with the Guide, I found myself under a blue light, my body lying on a table. And then I saw your mother enter the room. Finally she could explain it to me! I was about to wake up, what a terrible nightmare! I was near her and we were leaning over this body. Your mother was crying, didn't see me. Yet I was very close! I wanted to take her in my arms, but I couldn't; I was like transparent. »