Messages from the dying

The most precious, because the truest lessons of life.

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« While seeing the film of their life again, the dying often express these regrets:
Ah, if I could have taken life less seriously ! ☆ Excerpt from the page: "The difficulties of life" :

They laugh at me, they are right.
My ego is ridiculous with its pride, its dignity.

Learn to laugh at yourself

  « You have no hope except in the sacrifice of the vanity of your image. Excellent this indignation which will force you to redo yourself in your house (rebuild yourself). »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « Once we laugh at ourselves, because we are stupid to run after the   I love you  from others, we are finally freed. »
(Testimony of a former singer
collected by Maddly Bamy, "To love without expecting in return")

«My adversaries think they are harming me,. » said Rabbi Nahman. In fact, they help me enormously; my lights, it is to them that I owe them.
 I need someone to quarrel with me. Thus I rise every instant from degree to degree; I change being at any moment. »

 They insulted him, they humiliated him. We end up doubting his reason, thus realizing his deep wish.

 Yes, he wanted people to look askance at him. This is why he often changed his identity, his disguise; he wanted to be different. Comedian, impostor, jester, rather than Rabbi.

 He knew how to laugh, wanted to laugh, first of himself, and then of the rest. He played with the kids in the street to mock the Rebbe in him; he played war to ridicule wars. He posed like a madman to make fun of reason and appearances, like a nomad without baggage to underline the grotesqueness of possession.

 He clowned around to get rid of the last traces of vanity that remained in him; at home he chose the other extreme: he disarmed his pride by pushing it to the limit; by exaggerating its own importance in all areas. By giving itself implausible dimensions, deliberately caricatural. To laugh about it, and certainly also to provoke his opponents. »
[Elie Wiesel, 'Hasidic Celebration']

 They consider their professional, social or other success with pride, but they have understood that existence is not reduced to this aspect. They feel like they have failed when their professional success is not accompanied by that of of their personal life. »
[ Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ]

 « (...) Because it is those who have lived the worst, in the sense of neglecting the true things of life (loving and being loved, contributing to the happiness and well-being of others), who bear death the hardest. Let's LIVE! to never have to say, "My God, how I wasted my life!"

 I learned these lessons from my dying patients. In their suffering and death, they understood that we only have NOW☆ Excerpt from the page: "The purpose of life" :

The importance of the present moment

_ _

 The present moment should be neither regret nor expectation.
It must be building.

  « We only have a grip on the here and now.

 (...) What matters is not what we were (in our previous lives) or what we chose to become beforehand (before descending to Earth) but what we are in the moment, what we choose to be here and now. We choose, we create every moment.

 This is how, it seems to me, the notions of predetermination and free will are articulated. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]

 « God has masked destiny from man so that he may live in peace in his present. »
[ Sylvie Lorain-Berger, "The messengers from beyond" ]

. »
[ Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ]

A terminally ill young man left these few words on the Internet:

« I realized an important thing: you have to make sure to make this world a little better than it was before thanks to our contributions.
 Before, there were so many things that occupied my mind. When I learned how much time I had left, however, the things that really matter became clear: Take control of your life, take full responsibility for the things that happen to you. Appreciate the people around you.
 It's hard for me to explain why these simple things are so important, but I hope you'll listen to someone who knows the value of time. »

 « It is the moments of laughter , of joy in common that matter most in existence.

 When someone dies, he does not tell me how much money or other wealth he had. No, he rather brings to my mind the people who have accompanied him throughout his journey here below. It is these memories that represent his true treasures. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]