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The separation

 « If you sell your domain for another,
 perhaps better in appearance,
 you have lost something of yourself that you will never find again. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 You think you found better elsewhere

  « What is the use of ratifying the change of spouse: whoever first loves the approach of love will never experience the encounter...

 Man knocks down the walls to be free, but he is nothing more than a dismantled fortress open to the stars. Then begins the anguish of not being. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « Your love is based on hate because you stop in the woman or in the man whose food you are stocking up on, and like dogs when they circle around the trough, you begin to hate whoever eyes your meal. No sooner is love bestowed upon you than there too, as in your false friendships, you make a servitude of this free gift and begin, the moment you are loved, to discover yourself wronged. And to inflict, to better enslave, the spectacle of your suffering. And of course you suffer. And it is this very suffering that displeases me. And why do you want me to admire him? »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « If your wife shouts you can repudiate her in order to elect the other who does not shout. Because you're a gift cupboard and you haven't received yours.
 But I want to perpetuate the love, and there is love only where the choice is irrevocable because it is important to be limited in order to become.
If I closed the door to the couple in your house, you will necessarily go further. Your meaning is husband. And that of the woman is of wife. I filled the word with a heavier meaning and you say "My wife…" with the seriousness of your heart. You discover other joys. And other suffering certainly, but they are conditions of your joys. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

  ☞  Disappointment in love
The intolerable attitude of the partner may cause you to leave him,
but always keep in mind the good of the children

(Cf. Growing up thanks to the faults of the other ).


You can mourn the one who died and whose perfect image you cherish. But do not cry for the one who turns away from your love and its commitments. He (or she) reveals a face that you would not have discovered until later. Don't even regret finding yourself alone. Loneliness is good. Do not give up on love, but meditate on this.