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« Let us ask the Lord
for the grace to fight against the evil spirit. »

(Pope Francis, March 27, 2020)

Self-control and mastery

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Since I control my small tantrums,
 I manage to contain the most dangerous ones.
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  « Anger takes hold of us, changes our expression, our tone of voice. It carries us away and “we” are no longer anywhere. It is when we are calm, serene, pacified, that we must prepare for future combat. (It is when we are happy that we must build ourselves (it is during peace that the city positions its defenses ))

 Remembering our purpose, the meaning of our life. This is a fundamental key: if in the moments when we are not carried away, when we are masters of ourselves, we consciously establish a link between our calm and our anger, conversely, at the beginning of anger, it will be possible for us to establish a link with our moments of calm, with the truth that is within us.

 The sleeping man, the slave man, is condemned to oscillate according to emotions which he does not control. We must act and no longer react. »
[ Arnaud Desjardins, 'The paths of wisdom' ]

 « Hard experiences have taught me not to let my anger out. And just as by compressing the vapor one obtains a new source of energy, by controlling one's anger, one can obtain astonishing force.

 To suppress any angry impulse, I try to cultivate patience , to control my anger as soon as it arises in me. Don't ask me how I do it, it's a habit everyone should cultivate. »
(Gandhi)magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Mahatma Gandhi on the subject of:


 « Until a long work of purification is accomplished, we still keep in us the negative impulses of anger. »
[ Alain Joseph Bellet (medium) ]
We must always be on our guard .

 « To prevent anger, which is inherently unpredictable, we must control our thoughts at all times. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

The Dalai Lama would later add:

 « I learned to appreciate the good side of anger which, even if it seems unwelcome, needs to be expressed rather than turning into resentment. »

A "holy anger" may be legitimate, but it's often better to let it go for a night☆ Excerpt from the page: "Human relations" :

 Postpone your reaction

 The Gastiner Rabbe made it a rule never to express his displeasure on the very day someone upset him. The next day he said to the man: You pained me yesterday. »
 ("Presences of Judaism")

 « Sister Sarah had the wisdom, when I started to get carried away, never to contradict me. Later, when she saw me more in control of myself, she took up the subject again with a smile: “ Emmanuelle, don't you think your project needs to be discussed? »
('Sister Emmanuelle's Farewell')

 The cry accompanies the pain

When someone feels the need to scream, he is suffering.
is thoughts suffocate him. This is not the time for dialogue, you have to let the cry evacuate his discomfort a little.
To exteriorize the depressions, Dr. E. Kubler-Ross had installed a mattress on the floor in a room, and encouraged the person to hit it with all his might with a stick.

A conflicting situation attracts evil spirits.

The danger of anger

_ _

To realize the importance of this chapter, I invite you to read this page on the lower astral. It answers a carefully avoided yet essential question:

"Where do imperfect or dissatisfied spirits go
   after death?"

We learn that they remain close to the earth because they are unable to tear themselves away from its attraction.

For the most disturbed, the most unhappy of these spirits, our negative thoughts - which they perceive very well - are an invitation and we quickly receive suggestions that are supposed to help or defend us: replies, reactions, hasty decisions...

Popular expressions aptly describe the change in personality that then occurs:

«He no longer belongs to himself  ”, “He is inhabited  by anger”, “She seemed possessed...”, “being under the influence  of anger”...

In short: who no longer possesses himself is possessed.
Who does not control himself, opens the door to the forces of Evil.

« Permanent anger is the sign of the beginning of an infestation. . »
(Jean Prior)   magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Jean Prieur on the theme of:


 « If our mind is invaded by destructive emotions, it is under their control. We must act before. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

 « You went to bed angry. Now you feel the evil "puffs" coming to you. »
[Roland de Jouvenel speaks to his mother from beyond]

 « If your consciousness is dominated by anger, you will lose the ability to discern right from wrong. Anger is the biggest problem in the world today. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

If you doubt any of this, remember only this popular saying: “Anger is a bad advisor. »

☞ A personal example (where anger won):

 In the kitchen we had a waste bag hanging from a nail. One morning, I couldn't slip a pack in because the bag was hanging on the two handles. By undoing it I cursed because I asked ten times to hang it only on one side. The shovel, which was also attached to the nail, fell off and that exasperated me.
 My wife, hearing me get upset, told me to leave the pack in the sink. But she had to take it upon herself because soon after, she hung on with our son. I pointed out to her that she spoke harshly to him. It hurt her (“He speaks badly to me” she stammered).
 I went to work sad because I left my wife and son upset...

☞ Another example (where anger was brought under control):

 « Traffic jams have always pissed me off and I didn't know if we were going to miss the first innings. But this time, I did not reject the responsibility of the "cork" on the incompetence of a driver. The muscles in my neck and shoulders were relaxed. I didn't vent my anger on my son, and we chatted while waiting to be able to leave. I had hoped to spend the afternoon with Jordan watching a game we both loved, but the real purpose of this outing was to be together. If I had gotten angry, if I had given free rein to my bad temper, our afternoon would have been ruined. »
[ Brian L. Weiss, psychiatrist ]

 In summary

As we have seen, the devil does not exist as a person; but there is, very close to us - closer than the angels, a kind of agglomerate which crystallizes Evil.
As it stagnates on a plane just above ours, we are constantly exposed to its radiation.
If we let it infiltrate our thoughts, it affects our words and even our actions. On the other hand, if we manage to resist our impulses, the bad phrases that are whispered to us, it is both a snub for the forces of evil and an opening for those of good.

This is why Evil exists, this is how it can push us upwards.