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 « However noble the cause to be defended,
hatred and violence compromise it. »

 Hate and anger are a weakness

  « You must not harbor your anger. You must be willing to bear the adversary's wrath without responding with anger. You must not become bitter. No matter how vehement your opponents, you must remain calm. »

following the violence and bad faith of which he was a victim)
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 « The strong man has succeeded in making peace with others and with himself. That is to say, to break the moorings of grudges and hatreds. Beware, hatred is a stubborn chain that binds you well beyond death! When she holds you you cannot rise - in this world or the next, attached as you are to the object of your hatred. It is the "hell" of the damned. Devoured by an inner fire, victims of their own poison, they must learn to forgive. It can take a long time. »
[ "To those who seek" ]

 It's us first that hate gnaws

These feelings cannot be commanded, but it is a fact:
 love intoxicates the one who loves, hatred gnaws the one who ruminates.

 « Negative emotions are a torture that you inflict on yourself. They destroy you.

 Feeling hatred towards someone is like sticking a sword in your stomach in order to hit someone behind you. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

 ☞  The effect of our thoughts on ourselves
 « Thoughts of hate generally create a fatal bond with the hated being, a bond which can last, for the suffering of both, over several existences. »
(Karl Otto Schmidt, 'We Live More Than Once') LoupeAuteurContributions by Karl Schmidt on the theme of:


« (...) This is how I met many spirits linked to each other, not by love but by hatred. »
[ Franchezzo Farnèze & Pierre Jovanovic "The explorer of the beyond" ]

 « Hate springs from fear . Hate hurts the soul and distorts the personality. It is an evil and dangerous force. »
( Martin Luther King )magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Martin Luther King on the subject of:


 The other danger of hatred

 « The spirit universe near you is literally saturated with the emanations of negative thoughts , or black thoughts. You emit them, but sometimes we inspire them, because many of us do not have the spiritual elevation of the Masters. We feel all your feelings, fear, jealousy, anger, and even hatred, alas! And you, in return, you can feel brief impulses, embryos of thought.
 If you give a resonance to these impulses, an amplification phenomenon occurs which can lead to disaster.
 So block in you the least embryo of bad thought. It's possible. If this impulse comes from the near spirit, your energy is superior to it, if it is you who formulate it, make an effort of will. If you can't, try to divert it, as one diverts a conversation that displeases us, or empty your mind.
 But do not take on a dark idea, you would give it energy and echo. Sometimes, the "devil" is clever, you find yourself developing ideas whose origin completely escapes you.

 If you control your thoughts , you compel us to control ours. »
[ "To those who seek" ]

 Love against evil

 « Non-violence begins when we love those who hate us. I don't ignore anything of the difficulties of this great commandment of love. »
(Gandhi)magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Mahatma Gandhi on the subject of:


 « We must hate the sin but not the sinner. »
[ Celestial Messages from Pierre Monnier ]

 « Who loves good is indulgent to evil.

 If you fight against anything, the whole world will become suspect to you because everything is possible shelter for your enemy. If you fight against anything, you must annihilate yourself because there is a part of it within you, however weak it may be.

 Rather than eradicating the evil, it is better to increase the good. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « Humanity can only escape violence through non-violence. Only love can defeat hate. »
(Gandhi)magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Mahatma Gandhi on the subject of:


 "We must exterminate them !"

 « He, whose soul seems carved like a sword, exists against evil, through evil. What would it be without evil?

 « What do you wish, I asked him, to be happy?

 –  The triumph of good.

 I understood he was lying. For he called happiness the idleness of his sword.

 « You fight against evil, and every fight is a dance. And you derive your pleasure from dancing, therefore from evil. I would prefer you dancing for love. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 The sick hate the healthy.
 The unhappy hates the happy. The drunkard hates the sober.
 Spread health! Only that!
 This is our war: Don't fight disease.
[ "Dialogues with the Angel" ]

 « Hate is never anything but dissatisfaction. All hatred has a deep meaning that dominates it. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « Even if we cannot develop active love within us, hateful thoughts should be avoided so that abstaining from violence will not be harmful. »
(Gandhi)magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Mahatma Gandhi on the subject of:


 The power of nonviolence

Who wants to fight against evil strengthens in him the good.

 « To defend oneself, there is no need to have the strength to kill. Better to have the strength to die. Non-violence presupposes a determined will to accept suffering.

 (...) Non-violence has as a prerequisite the power to knock. It is a conscious and deliberate restraint of the desire for revenge. Revenge is always superior to passive, girlish, helpless submission, but revenge is also a weakness. The desire for revenge arises from fear; he who fears no man would find it painful to have to act against someone who tries in vain to harm him.

 (...) One must prepare to die in order to train in non-violence.

 (...) I see how I can successfully preach ahimsa ( love) to those who know how to die, but not to those who are afraid of death. »
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