• Life, its purpose
    The difficulties
  •   The illness
    The old age
    The death
  •   The love
     The children
  •  (Re)take
     control of
     one's life
  • The essential
     Little stories
     Life lessons

  • Things to remember

  • Little stories...


     « According to people, stories are made to put you to sleep; I tell it to wake you up. »
    (The Baal-Shem Tov - Elie Wiesel, "Hasidic Celebration")

     « Some truths cannot be expressed except in the form of stories, novels, tales. »
    (Karl Otto Schmidt, 'We Live More Than Once')

  • Leopold

    and the princess
  • Once upon a time...

    a man
  • The extraordinary journey

    of a pixie
  • Rabbi, tell me...
  • I'll be back
  • ____

  •    Life lessons