The essential points

to remember

from texts, messages

and testimonials

What I will have retained from this life:
  assume the difficulties, accept the suffering,
    help, give Love.

When we no longer find interest in existence, when we no longer understand the world around us, we have to ask ourselves, reflect.
We can visualize life as the tumultuous course of a torrent. A torrent that mixes people, situations; throws them onto a rock, or towards a cozy cove... or to the bottom.

Dragged into such a whirlwind, it's hard to find meaning in life...

Even more difficult to imagine that our soul has decided to dive into it...

✩ ✩

We have a body and a soul. A soul that, like the salmon, wants to return to its source.

For that, she has only one solution: get out of her cocoon, and experience situations that will reveal her by bringing her face to face with herself. There is the purpose of earthly life.

 « The soul came to the body, and the body to life in order to evolve. »
[Inspired message to Neale Walsch]

Let's take a different look☆ Excerpt from the page: "The difficulties of life" :

To find his way, the blind man seeks obstacles, not the void.

The setbacks of life


 Do they make sense?

 « The present, everything that happens to us are nothing but opportunities to pass initiatory trials; to free ourselves from the inner tensions that we have amassed within us through our thoughts, words and actions and which have become the primary causes of our destiny. »
[ Elisabeth Haich, "Initiation" ]

  There is no abyss so dark,
  no bewilderment so tortuous

  who is not PATH.
[ "Dialogues with the Angel" ]

on our pains
sorrows or during conflicts .

Let's not be afraid of life , and appreciate its value
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Why life" :

Do not wait for illness or misfortune
to try to understand.
« At my age, I'm supposed to dream for my future, to enjoy life, to love, to discover... But I feel that Life has limited me to the status of a spectator: I observe and envy the light in the eyes of everyone else around me. »
(A cry of distress among many others)


because we're the ones
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Why life" :

 « Do not flee the Earth and what it imposes on you. When you were born, you entered into a real contract with this other you that you do not suspect. »
(D. Meurois and A. Givaudan, 'Terre d'émeraude')

 « We all wanted to come here, and we chose our own destiny. Everyone has what they need. We knew the physiognomy we would possess. All of this we wanted and needed. »
[Betty J. Eadie, "In the Arms of Light"]

 « We choose our parents, our husbands and our children who will be necessary for us to progress before being born. All the important people in our life, we have chosen them before according to their qualities (or their weaknesses) which will be necessary for our growth. »

[ Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ]

who wrote the plan

Let's avoid the suffer if possible,
but let's not run away from it, let's seek to understand
☆ Excerpt from the page: "The why of suffering" :

Seeing people suffer hurts me.
But it is their blindness that must be tackled,
an understood suffering falls of itself.

The woman who gives birth knows it, she who laughs under her tears.

Just as panic precipitates drowning, the panic of pain, the revolt of believing oneself persecuted leads to despair.

The priority is therefore not to treat the pain, but of

Search to understand

because to understand is to find the strength to fight
* *
 « It is from this deep darkness, which is called fundamental ignorance, that the root of suffering is found. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

 « Those who do not admit the law of suffering and are indignant at it are like children who do not discern their mother's love in chastisement.
 (...) The ordeal is really, textually, a proof of love. »
[ Celestial Messages from Pierre Monnier ]

Thanks to Saint-Exupéry, when I suffer, I think of the being growing inside me. So, instead of complaining about myself, I say to myself:"I moult."

Let us not fear death , nor grieve over it ; but let's not anticipate it.

Let's not dream of ideal love ,

"Love does not meet, it is built";
and it is built first in ourselves , because
«To love, you have to be. »

All the texts, testimonies and inspired messages overlap on these points:

Mediums call our attention to this:

 « Very many spirits remain attached to matter. Their low vibrations keep them close to the reality of the living."

Most of these spirits are confused and unhappy, but some are evil.☆ Excerpt from the page: "Low-astral" :

wandering spirits

  « Some spirits remain attached to matter. Their low vibrations keep them close to the reality of the living. They didn't “cross over”. Some are evil spirits, others are wandering spirits, and still others are ghosts.

Wandering spirits  are in transition between our material world and the afterlife. They generally continue to live among us for a short time, but this situation can last for centuries! Indeed, the wandering spirit retains its free will ( as well as his personality and inclinations ) , and it depends only on him to cross the course. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]

. A spirit cannot harm us physically, but it can seriously disturb us and hurt those we love by prompting us to words or actions that we immediately regret. So don't leave a door open!

 ☞ Absolutely avoid any form of invitation from the spirits . If a good spirit wants and can contact you, he will.

 ☞ Pay attention to your thoughts of hatred , resentment. Watch your anger .

 ☞ Beware of anything that weakens your mental barriers (drugs, alcohol, and even... cigarettes or anti-depressants
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Low-astral" :


 « In general, the hospital is a privileged place for infiltrations, because not only are there a lot of deaths and therefore wandering spirits, but also because of the general anesthesia practiced on the patients. A general anesthesia plunges into an artificial sleep which weakens our defenses and it is possible that our energy body cracks in certain places, thus facilitating an infiltration. When we wake up we have an entity that is stuck to us and that pollutes our body energy.

 The weakness of the energy body also depends on our physical and moral balance, our lifestyle, emotional shocks, the medications we take, etc. and of course alcohol or drugs taken. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]

 « The low spirits that haunt the earth plane can exert such a hold on a mortal that they end up turning into a puppet.
 Men and women who lack strength of character, if they undergo bad influences, commit reprehensible acts for which they are only partly responsible. »
[ Franchezzo Farnèze & Pierre Jovanovic "The explorer of the beyond" ]

 « An obsession can (Also) be due to a revenge exercised by a spirit on an individual of whom he had to complain during his life or in another existence. Often also, there are no other reasons than the desire to do evil; as he suffers, he wants to make others suffer, and our irritation excites his pleasure. One of them has become attached like a moth to an honorable family of our acquaintance. »
[Message collected by Allan Kardec]

«(...) for when the vital forces are weakened, less astral resistance is offered and intruding spirits have easy access. »
(Dr. Carl Wickland, 'Thirty Years Among the Dead')magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Carl Wickland on the subject of:

The death

In summary, these negative spirits are waiting there circumstance (annoyance, fatigue, anxiety, sadness...) to slip in a word, create an attitude... Observe, and you will realize it.

There, all has been said.
But all of this you already knew before you came to earth.
Simply, you have just become truly aware of it.

You're going to change, your life is going to change.

You are now
"one enlightened among your brothers who grope and stumble over the hurtful stones of the dark road."

So be understanding with them, and if you can, help them .

These ready-made phrases
that lead us astray

_ _

« It is so, God willed it. »

"Thy will be done !" Phrase so misunderstood that it leads to total misunderstanding. As if the Father were a despot pulling the strings of his creation, as if everyone were just a puppet in his service! »

[ Brigitte Quéro, "Spiritual Messages" ]

« Let's accept the trials that God sends us... »

It's the man who, before incarnating, traced the main lines of his life☆ Excerpt from the page: "Reincarnation" :

 Decision, life plan

- How and when are the spiritual goals that we must achieve defined?

 « You all live a more or less long period of wandering in the spiritual world between two incarnations. It is relative to your efforts to progress. When your degree of evolution allows it, you choose the outline of your next life on earth, with the approval of your guides. A life plan is established, with the choice of your family and its social environment, your professional, sentimental, friendly, material and financial lines, as well as your health.

 Part of the life experiences are determined in advance according to your achievements or weaknesses of past lives. They will become unmissable events, highlighting the main weaknesses to be eliminated. Nevertheless, the majority of your experiences will reveal themselves through the free choice of your attitudes and behavior. »
[ Alain Joseph Bellet, 'Dialogues with the spirit world' ]

, but as God gave him free will , he can always influence them ☆ Excerpt from the page: "The purpose of life" :


_ _

 - Is everything written in advance?

 « Let's say there is a program, a life plan, a goal to achieve. You will discover it little by little if you do not waste your energy unnecessarily. Always listen to your guides.

 - But I don't remember asking for anything!

 « I can tell you that you incarnated for a very specific purpose. Now, know that your life belongs to you and that you are free to follow or not the program that you have chosen.

 (...) A destiny is never inevitable. It is built on the potential of the personality. If you don't have the necessary will or ambition, you will "extinguish" your vibratory forces and stagnate. »
[ Sylvie Lorain-Berger, "The messengers from beyond" ]

 - Is there a fatality in the events of life, and if so what becomes of our free will?

  « Fatality exists only through the choice made by the Spirit when incarnated to undergo such and such a ordeal. By choosing her he makes a sort of destiny for himself. I speak of physical trials, for when it comes to moral trials and temptations, the Spirit always has the power to yield or resist. »
[Message collected by Allan Kardec]

Although assisted by Heaven
☆ Excerpt from the page: "The difficulties of life" :

Our relationship with Heaven

Help and protection from Heaven

[ "Dialogues with the Angel" ]
Each of us is followed and assisted by several angels and companions. Endowed with a clear vision of our life and the why of each of the trials we go through, they are part of our earthly adventure.

 Where are they ?

 « The Angel is part of us, he is our greatest strength and our most beautiful qualities, the highest level of ourselves, the one who is full of love. It is not external to us, even if it can manifest itself outside in case of danger, or on certain occasions. »
(Ariane Delafontaine, "Guides and Angels of Healing")

at all times, he is responsible for his actions and his destiny:
« Son of man, stand on your feet, and I will speak to you. » (Ezekiel 1.26)

« I am alone to face... »

We are never alone☆ Excerpt from the page: "Despair, depression" :


_ _

The caterpillar macerates in its chrysalis.
Alone and blind, she thinks that her suffering is quite useless
and her interminable wait, quite sterile...
* *
 « We are close when you feel downtrodden. »
[Doreen Virtue, "Communicating with Angels"]

 « No one in the world is abandoned for a moment. Never. » (assures him of his Guide)

 -I like that idea… There are so many people who are lonely. If they knew that wonderful beings are near them at all hours of the day and night... Unfortunately, how do you let them know...
[ Sylvie Lorain-Berger, "The messengers from beyond" ]

. Especially during difficult situations, because they are decisive in our life path.☆ Excerpt from the page: "The why of suffering" :

 « Stop, whisper your conscience, listen, I am here,
I want you to believe me, I am the truth.
[Paqui, "Heavenly Talks"]

 the collapse,

misfortune or turning point?

_ _

When misfortune falls on us, when the darkest night surrounds us, the ego loses its bearings, its values, its certainties crumble. When he finally renounces everything and everyone, you think you're lost, and it's quite the opposite. The suffering has done its work. Having stopped struggling, we will finally allow Heaven to help us. Let's wait docile and confident.

 « If you feel like you are being stopped in the course of your daily life, consider that moment blessed. »
[ Message collected by Maguy Lebrun ]

 « Sometimes it takes a disaster or misfortune to pull us out of our lethargy. »
 [ "Annaëlle Chimoni's book" ]


« Love does not exist. » ... « Over time, it passes... » ...

Nothing could be further from the truth! true love☆ Excerpt from the page: "Love" :

 Love is the essence of life

 « Love, this divine light, this original vibration, is an incessant flow, celestial nourishment. Love, the lack of which is the source of all evil, is the all-powerful energy which bathes the world. She passes through you according to what you are able to let pass, to collect, to offer.
 You imagine yourself incapable of loving your enemies or your personal asperities. But it is not through your will that you can love with that love. She is in the abandonment of yourself, because this Love does not come from you. She is not born from your heart. She is offered to you without discrimination. You just need to open yourself to it and share it without hoarding it for yourself. Then you will love without the will to love. Then you will no longer say: "I don't like So-and-so; he is my enemy." Then you will be full of tenderness for weaknesses, shortcomings.

 Each form of love is a fragment of this immense incandescence in which the world is bathed, in which you yourselves are bathed. »
[ Brigitte Quéro, "Spiritual Messages" ]
 « The most powerful cement that can unite men is love. At the highest spiritual level it triggers Communion, this natural fusion which opens the door to the Whole. »
[ "To those who seek" ]

, extends beyond life because it constitutes the fabric of creation.

« God sees everything, and one day we will be judged. »

Our actions are stored in our consciousness; it is to her and to her alone that we shall be confronted.

« I wish you all the happiness, success. »
You might as well wish him to have come to earth for nothing.
Rather, wish him that his trials will be profitable to him.

« We are here to be happy, right? »

- No.

«There is only one innate error, which is to believe that we exist to be happy. »
(Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860))LoupeAuteurContributions by Arthur Schopenhauer on the theme of:


« But around me it is only a question of 'joie de vivre', of happiness, of avoiding difficulties and those who have them. »

- Do not listen to them ! Those who only have these words in their mouths are lost. Poor blind people who seek the Light where this shines.

 « We must not imagine that we came to earth to live in ease, pleasures, abundance. We came to earth to learn and improve. »
( Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, "The duty to be HAPPY")

A soul is a seed deposited on Earth to germinate there.
It is therefore natural and essential that its envelope is torn.
Otherwise the soul, deprived of light, vegetates and spoils.

Whether this germination takes place or not
is the whole issue of a life.

 « The crucial moment in an existence is the flash through which a revelation is produced in the conscious. Its fertilization, then the germination in inner darkness and silence leads the essential being ☆ Excerpt from the page: "Taking-back-control" :

Every being is connected to their inner Self,
which is connected to God.

 Our inner being

 « In you there are two characters, one terrestrial, stuck to matter, mired in its heaviness, and the other celestial, letting itself be carried by the light. The moment you conceive your two poles, you become greedy for unity and begin your quest for purity. But that's also where the trouble begins! In the innocence of unconsciousness you found a certain tranquility, operating in the same patterns for generations, fit to taste the pleasures of the flesh.
 However, as soon as your consciousness opens to greater lucidity, your thirst for clarity comes up against the shadows.
 In the grip of an existential despair, your mind then plays monumental tricks on you. You become the prey of grief, terrible doubts, loneliness and your impatience.
 We are with you more than ever in these wanderings. Because then we recognize in you the flame, the inner fire.

 Then begins an interior dialogue between your soul, which has already recognized us, and us who are your servants, your companions on the way. At your side, ready to support you in the difficult passages, smiling at your stammerings as a child of light.

 In your heart of hearts, ego of earth and soul of light manifest themselves to each other and show themselves in turn. There is no point in adjusting them with a master's hand, there is no point in wishing for their fruitful friendship. Their role is not to oust each other. Thus you grow, by making in you the union of your part of incarnated man and your part of brilliance of light. It is there, in the balanced axis between these two aspects of yourself, that you touch that you touch the new dimension that allows you to Over-Live (among earthly torments). Then your personality of light irrigates your being incarnated in matter for a happy birth: that of the new Man in you, an incarnated reflection of the Father Creator. »
[ Brigitte Quéro, "Spiritual Messages"]
to its maturity in the actualized life of the human person. »

(Jeanne Guesné, 'The Consciousness of Being')magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Jeanne Guesné on the theme of:


The torrent has no grip on a pebble,
it can only finish smoothing it.

New approach to life

_ _

The Star of Bethlehem

(Miklos Rozsa)

  « If some litigation tears you apart, let it grow, you change. Blessed is your heartbreak which makes you give birth to yourself: for no truth is reached in evidence.

 (...) Anyone who molts knows sadness and anguish. Everything in him becomes useless. Anyone who molts is only graveyard and regrets.

 Any ascent is painful. All moulting is suffering. »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

 « Be certain that there is no injustice except that created by men. When you have crossed our lands you will then understand that what you believed to be a great injustice was a necessity. »
[Paqui, "Heavenly Talks"]

 « There is no divine amnesty that saves you from becoming. You would like to be: you will be only in God.

 (...) Because where do you see that it is a question of acquiring and possessing when it is only a question of becoming, of finally being, and of dying in the fullness of its substance? »
[ Saint-Exupéry ]

All this suffering that has plagued me during all these years, no matter whether it was fair or unfair, I love the being that through it I become. Difficulties no longer destroy me, because I know that they are there to help me. A concession is no longer a humiliating renunciation for me, but a victory over my ego.
 « 'I give thanks to God for my life.' That is what you will say.
 And yet the path will have been hard…. »
[ Message collected by Maguy Lebrun ]

 « External events are always a way of changing us, an incentive to transform us, to reveal ourselves ever more.  It is our responsibility to know this and to become aware of this process in order to take a different look at our suffering. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]

"I would really like each of you - when you return to the earth plane - to proclaim to all the truth learned during this journey (in the astral) . Make sure that a feeling of hope develops everywhere. Let it be known how necessary it is to take the right road while there is still time. Make it clear that it is easier for a human being to fix his mistakes while he is on Earth than to wait until death has erected a barrier between him and those with whom he could be reconciled. »
[ Franchezzo Farnèze & Pierre Jovanovic "The explorer of the beyond" ]

 « Now that you know, spend the rest of your life sharing the Eternal Truth with others. Not with a desire for glory, but with a desire to end the pain of others, to bring joy and contentment, to help and heal, to restore to others that sense of partnership with God. »
[Inspired message to Neale Walsch]

Yes, our evolution will continue in Heaven,
but on Earth every step counts double.
 Listen well to your God, and let his voice descend within you:

 « You will be resurrected, but your place in heaven will be proportional to your merits on earth.

 "So don't waste a moment to build your inner kingdom.

 « Always act like an archangel is watching you.

 This is God speaking through my mouth.

[Celestial message from Roland de Jouvenel]

 « The only time that really matters is the present, every moment, every point. If we live each day as best we can, behaving as honestly as possible, we will have successfully completed our journey as human beings. »

(Australian Aboriginal Life Principles)
 magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Marlo Morgann on the subject of:


To you who are struggling on the path where I have struggled so much, I leave you these messages which will enlighten you on the reason for the suffering. With courage you will bear it, the goal being even to lean on it. Let yourself be taken by the hand; you will discover under the apparent cacophony of the difficulties and dramas of existence, the prodigious symphony of Life.

 « (...) And you will say to yourself, from the top of the mountain where your problems are solved: How did I not understand at first?

As if there was first something to understand. »

[ Saint-Exupéry ]