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The mental,

   the mind

« Becoming truly yourself sometimes requires
you to die to the life that society has chosen for you. »

 (Mwalimu Imara, Episcopal Priest)

 Free your mind

 « When the soul grows stronger, it gains independence and can thus dominate the mental blinded by its fear of disappearing.

 When I was little my guide told me about the poor existence of these souls dominated by the mental.
 « Enjoy, life is short! »
 This is how human beings run after the riches of the world. A world that they will all leave one day, with all their spiritual baggage, their souls sclerotic from having been locked up in a dungeon during their existence. »
[ Sylvie Lorain-Berger, "The messengers from beyond" ]

 « The dogme [the inculcated faith] is a closed universe where consciousness breathes in a closed circuit. It is a universe which becomes heavier over the Ages because one applies on its ramparts layer of coating on layer of coating in order to veil the inevitable cracks of it.

 Today I propose to you to make clear place in yourselves.

 Do not embed the mechanism of belief in you any longer. Belief, understand this, is a manifestation of consciousness that allows itself to be overwhelmed by arbitrary energy. If you ask humanity why they believe in the reality of God, the answers will be so imprecise that you will see that it actually takes very little for that same belief to crumble and destabilize.

 What force has your life been based on? On an inner strength slowly nourished by your own experiences or on the credo of a few who predigest in your place what they consider good to give?

 So I call on you to make a clean sweep of all beliefs, all ideologies, all thought, even, which is not born of you; of your heart, of your reason, of your experience.

 I ask you to clean up what you call your mental and which is the reasoning part of your being, the part that thinks it knows, that judges and thinks.
 Your mental is not "your consciousness" . He is the generator of your thoughts . It is he who gives the injunction to love or not to love, with the help of a cohort of pre-established arguments.
 He is the saber which, in you, judges everything and nothing, the force which claims to separate the wheat from the chaff, the true from the false.
 How many men claiming to be strong and free by the nature of their thoughts and ideas, are they not in fact the puppets of influences that manipulate them without their knowledge?
 In truth, a huge of humanity is still like that.

 So be yourself and not what society wants you to be, stop living only by and for the eyes of others. »
(Inspirational message received by A. Givaudan, 'By the spirit of the Sun') magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Anne Givaudan on the theme of:


 Regain control of the mental

 « The practice of meditation is vital in the world in which we live. You have to know how to settle down, and silence the invading din of our mental. »
[ Dr. JJ Charbonier ]

 « He alone who can create in his mental sphere the conditions required by his spirit is independent of all external conditions, and free. »
(Dr. F. Hartmann, "An Adventure Among the Rose-Croix")

 « The mental has become the reference for managing all the plans of our life. We thus live in a lure and we no longer know why we are here. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]

 « Love, joy and peace are deep states of Being. Their origin is beyond the mental. In the state of non-awakening and identification with the mental, what is called joy is most often just pleasure. Which is always brought about by something outside of you, while joy emanates from within. »
(Eckhart Tolle: "The Power of Now")

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 Distinguish between mental and consciousness

 Dr. Charbonier distinguishes between two forms of consciousness :

The Cerebral analytical  consciousness [the mental, the intellect]:

« This consciousness is connected to all of our sensory perceptions. It analyses, measures, evaluates our environment and the behavior of those around us. It reinforces the ego by a work of comparison with the others; we think, "I am more this or less that than my neighbor." This incessant evaluation, much more important in adults than in children, most often results in negative feelings: jealousy, anger , fear , or hatred . »

The Extraneuronal intuitive awareness [consciousness, spirit]:

« This consciousness is connected to all our extrasensory perceptions (mediumship, intuitions, premonitions, clairvoyance...). »
[ Dr. JJ Charbonier, 'This thing...' ]

It is very important to distinguish the consciousness from the brain, therefore from the mental (cf. The Pamela Reynolds case )