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He who defiles love is to be pitied,
for he cuts himself off from what will save him in the day of trouble.

 The rape,

  the abuses

It's in hell that a saint reveals himself

Failing to forgive, understand
  to save your reason and your life

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When man chooses evil...

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How to (re)find the reason?

The human soul

 Guilty and consenting victim

For the victim, rape is worse than death. He leaves her alive, with a feeling of indelible stain and inexplicable guilt.

 « The child victim of abuse believes himself to be guilty. If he feels shame, he believes it justified. If he was not loved, he believes he did not deserve to be. »
[ Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ]

 « An oh so unhealthy logic pushes to condemn the victim of a theft under the pretext that his money provokes the evil act of the thief. »
( Martin Luther King )magnifying glassAuthorContributions of Martin Luther King on the subject of:


 « The child who has been abused throughout his childhood will become an adult who will have a great lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. It will be difficult for him to forgive himself. It is only by working on himself that he will be able to break the chains of his past. »
[ Alain Joseph Bellet, 'Dialogues with the spirit world' ]

 « I wanted to absolve myself of the sins of others against me, and not to be ashamed of having been raped by the one in whom I had to trust for my future life, and who had murdered her in advance. There was no grief at being raped, there was rage at having covered up these criminal acts. I sank into the insolence of being my father's wife instead of just his daughter. »
(Testimony collected by Maddly Bamy, "To love without expecting in return")  magnifying glassAuthorContributions by Maddly Bamy on the subject of:

The fault of the one who violates falls on all men.
That's why, as a man, I ask your forgiveness.

 It's in hell that a saint reveals himself

In the muck of a human life can germinate a magnificent Being
 The victory of the forces of evil
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Evil" :
«I hear like negative voices in my head. »
(A call for help among many others)

Evil exists!

Evil exists, no doubt about it. Its first entry point is thought . From there it alters our judgments , invites itself into our anger and weighs on our words .
 « God did not create evil, but left his creature free will. »
[Paqui, "Heavenly Talks"]

is complete when the soul, blinded by distress, rejects God☆« Dare to touch his flesh and I bet you he will openly curse you. » said Satan to Yahweh pointing to Job. .

If, on the other hand, this soul manages to overcoming his resentment, the gates of Heaven open for it, and it is a terrible setback for Evil, which will itself have contributed to propelling a being towards the Light.

« What you do in your greatest trial may be your greatest triumph. »
[Inspired message to Neale Walsch]

 « There are messy ordeal. The privilege of elite souls is to know how to profit even from evil. »
[Celestial message from Roland de Jouvenel]

 « Even when Satan drags man to hell, God follows. »
[ Arnaud Gourvennec, celestial messages ]

  A virgin body is not necessary
  when there is the pure flame.
[ "Dialogues with the Angel" ]

 Failing to forgive, understand
  to save your reason and your life

It happens that a man is drawn into a spiral of impulses - frustrations. If in this turmoil an opportunity arises, it is humanly difficult to resist. Especially since he then receives the full force of the influence of spirits still attached to matter.☆ Excerpt from the page: "Low-astral" :

wandering spirits

  « Some spirits remain attached to matter. Their low vibrations keep them close to the reality of the living. They didn't “cross over”. Some are evil spirits, others are wandering spirits, and still others are ghosts.

Wandering spirits  are in transition between our material world and the afterlife. They generally continue to live among us for a short time, but this situation can last for centuries! Indeed, the wandering spirit retains its free will ( as well as his personality and inclinations ) , and it depends only on him to cross the course. »
[ Patricia Darré (medium) ]


So yes, we can pity this man blinded by the desire to forget himself for a moment, because each of his actions now pushes him a little further into darkness, further distances him from the Light.☆« The men and women who had exercised their authority over me fell prey to negative energies. »

[Betty J. Eadie, "In the Arms of Light"]


« ...for it is inevitable that scandals occur; but woe to the man through whom the scandal comes. »
( Matthew 18.7 )

 When man chooses evil

 « It is up to everyone to choose their path, at any time.
 As men outlive themselves
☆ Excerpt from the page: "Reincarnation" :

 « The dogma of reincarnation is not new as some say. He was resuscitated by Pythagoras, but he is not the author of the system of metempsychosis; he drew it from the Indian philosophers and from the Egyptians where it existed from time immemorial. However, there is an important difference between the metempsychosis of the ancients and the modern doctrine of reincarnation: the spirits absolutely reject the transmigration of man into animals and vice versa. »
[Allan Kardec]

 « You have been experimenting with matter in various forms for a long time. You were minerals to learn density and stability, you became plants to bring softness and beauty to the world, you acquired in the animal people the instinct and the knowledge of the present moment as well as the love unconditional, you learn in the human body, the choice and the overcoming of the self. »
(A. Givaudan, 'La rupture de contrat')

 « The phenomenon of rebirths is characterized by a continuum of consciousness, from life to life. »
[ Dalai Lama ]

, they ultimately end up in their own consequences. »
[ "To those who seek" ]

 « There are beings who must touch the worst experiences with their fingertips in order to have the strength to modify a tendency which lasts throughout their incarnations. What can we say about these souls in real danger? That they serve the Evil One out of defiance rather than pleasure.
 So you can't really judge. You can only pity them, entrust them to the care of their guides who are still mute in wisdom, and let them go their way of truth. This does not prevent society from judging them as it should with all the necessary severity.

 Friends, such men are many in these days of violence. But the cause is most often a suffering of love, a love that has never been given or received, a fallow love, a betrayed love, a dreamed-of and abolished love.

 Friends, pray that love will penetrate everyone and do its work of regeneration. »
[ Brigitte Quéro, "Spiritual Messages" ]

 « Thoughts of hate generally create a fatal bond with the hated being, a bond which can last, for the suffering of both, over several existences. »
(Karl Otto Schmidt, 'We Live More Than Once') LoupeAuteurContributions by Karl Schmidt on the theme of:


 Therefore, dear victim, please don't let hatred gnaw at your heart. It would destroy you (see "Hate" ), and bind you beyond life to your attacker (this is certainly not what you want):

 « The unforgiven and the unforgiving will find themselves bound together beyond death, until the unbinding of hearts. »
[ Arnaud Gourvennec, celestial messages ]

 Accept these words of friendship, don't push my hand away.
Hate makes you suffer, love makes you happy. No, you are not dirty, it is your attacker who, by letting his bestial instincts dominate him, has renounced his greatness as a man.

 How to (re)find the reason?

Soul and body are separate,
it is important to be convinced of that

However, over the course of life, the soul becomes integrated into the body... until it identifies itself with it. The wounds then hit her directly. She no longer knows that she is
«a fragment of the great soul of the world, a spark of the divine spirit. »
The only solution to find reason is to proceed in the opposite direction: remember and immerse yourself in each person's role:
 the soul is there to evolve through hardships, lives
 the body is its intermediary, its support, the time to a life.

 « The worst of weaknesses is to let the tumult that comes from outside grow in you. Your depths in any circumstance must never be reached. »
[Celestial message from Roland de Jouvenel]

It is therefore only by (re)gaining height
that the soul can help the mind, the mental.

 « Although the body is dependent on all material influences, it can be controlled, and the emotions too, by the mental. And the mental must be led by the spirit. »
[a reading by Edgar Cayce]

 « We care so much about the health and integrity of our body that, until we die, we don't notice that the body is nothing more than a box. »
(Reflection of a terminally ill young man)

 The human soul

He who is so estranged from God as to do evil without remorse, one day, in this life or another, will feel the need to be loved.
Then it will open up, then suffer, then finally awakening will begin.
We are indignant in the face of violence, cruelty; but let's face it, we've all been through the stage of doing wrong without thought.

 « The Spirit, like man, also has its childhood. »
[Message collected by Allan Kardec]

 ☞  The progression of the human soul

 ☞  In the face of wickedness